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You’re at the end of your packing, loading or delivery day and your moving team did a good to excellent job. Do you have or want to tip them? How much do you tip and when? Here are a few tips (yes, pun intended) about tipping. Learn who, how, when and how much to tip your movers so you avoid that awkward moment when you aren’t prepared.

When to Tip Your Movers

Being a mover is a very strenuous occupation involving long hours of carefully packing, lifting and carrying lots of heavy, valuable items in all weather conditions up and down stairs and long walkways. Moving is also a service industry. You should receive high quality service throughout your move. But know this, you are never required to tip your movers. You should only consider tipping your movers if they do a good to excellent job and you feel comfortable tipping them. Remember, your movers earn a very modest hourly rate, so it can be nice for them to receive a tip for a job well done. But, if you are not satisfied with the service you receive, the answer is easy; don’t tip.

How to Tip Your Movers

IMPORTANT: Tip each mover individually, not just the driver/foreman, to make sure the money goes to everyone. This shows that you appreciate the hard work of each mover. It also helps ensure that all movers are properly tipped. Tips do not all have to be the same for each member either. If someone really stood out or did not, tip accordingly.

How Much to Tip & Other Options

Many transferees also offer to buy the crew lunch. This is a nice gesture as it is not practical to take a moving truck to a lunch place. Consider providing cold water, sports drinks etc. for them as well. Do not serve alcoholic beverages on the job or provide alcohol as a tip. Tipping can include both lunch and a monetary amount.

A general rule of thumb are tips range from $5-$10 per hour for each crew member. Your driver/foreman generally should get a little more, about $10-$15 per hour. Again, these are not rules but general guidelines. The scales above cover from good to excellent service.

When you are moving local or long distance, if you are tipping, one would do so for the origin crew and the destination crew. This would include the driver at both ends should you choose. For more information on how to tip your movers. Visit Cord Moving today for detail or for a free moving quote!

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