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Senior Moving

There’s no mistaking that moving is a difficult task that requires meticulous attention to detail and careful planning to ensure its success. When it comes to senior moving, even more planning and care needs to be taken to try to minimize what can already be an overwhelming or emotional transition. To handle these stressful moves, having the right senior movers on your side will ensure your relocation is done within an easy and doable timeline while eliminating unnecessary stressors and keeping things organized and safe.  

When you’re looking for a senior moving company, Cord Moving & Storage are exactly the movers you’re looking for. Our team is composed of specially-trained senior moving experts who have the tools and experience to handle your senior move with the care and consideration you deserve while ensuring that things are handled with complete professionalism and attention to detail.  

Our senior moving services go beyond just moving things from point A to point B, but prioritize a customer experience and service that caters to your individualized needs. Want to learn more about Cord Moving & Storage’s specialized senior moving services? Discover our complete service offerings below.  

St. Louis Senior Movers

When you’re looking for affordable senior moving solutions in St. Louis, Cord Moving & Storage’s seasoned professionals are here to provide you with the best possible move possible. Our team of experienced senior movers have the skills and experience to address all of the variables involved in your move and any concerns you might have seamlessly and with a customized approach that works for you and your circumstances.  

No matter what your senior move entails or what your needs might be, we’ll handle every aspect of your relocation efficiently and carefully so you can enjoy a stress-free senior relocation. Cord provides not just moving services, but complete packing, planning, setup, and assembly and disassembly services to give you a full-service relocation that’s simple and affordable. 

Why Work with Cord Moving & Storage for Senior Moving?

Wondering what you can expect when you work with the team at Cord Moving & Storage? Whether working with our St. Louis-based senior moving team or our Memphis senior moving team, we’ll coordinate every aspect of your relocation to fit your needs.  

  • Initial Consultation: In the initial phase of the relocation process, we conduct an on-site evaluation of your items to gain a comprehensive understanding of your requirements. A team member will talk you through all of the aspects of our services and give you all of the information you need to get the best moving experience.
  • Estimate: Following the completion of the assessment, we’ll give you a comprehensive, no-obligation quote for your move. This will include a complete breakdown of the services provided and any and all costs to allow you to precisely gauge your estimated expenses.
  • Scheduling & Planning: Once your moving date is confirmed, the planning stage starts!. Our senior moving experts collaborate closely with you to devise a plan covering all logistical aspects of your services, ensuring thorough attention to all your needs.
  • Moving Day: Our movers will arrive at the scheduled time on moving day to initiate the loading process. During this time, your designated relocation consultant will also check in to ensure that everything is proceeding according to plan.
  • Settling In: With all items safely transported to your new residence, Cord’s professional senior movers will undertake the setup of any disassembled items so you can settle into your new home smoothly and quickly. 

Moving to a New Home or Retirement Community?

When you think of senior moving, a lot of people think of moving into a facility, but that’s often not the case. For those looking to move solo to a new, downsized dream home or to a home within a retirement community, the team at Cord Moving & Storage has everything you need to make your move easy. From downsizing services or ways to relocation items to other family members or storage, we make your move easy. From local to long-distance and international services, our team is prepared to tackle anything your move requires. Your St. Louis senior movers are here to address everything you need. 

Pros of Moving to a Senior Living Facility:

Wondering if moving to a senior living facility is for you? There’s no doubt that this is a big decision that should not be taken lightly. After all, this involves a lot of downsizing and changing your daily routines. However, there are tons of benefits of moving to a senior living community. The following are just some of the benefits of making this move:  

  1. Security: One of the biggest advantages of moving into a senior living facility is the safety and security of having emergency response systems, peace of mind in living in a secure facility with 24/7 security, and highly trained staff that can help you with anything you might need. 
  2. Sense of Community: Living in a senior community allows you to make new friends with peers and have a built-in sense of community that gives you a ton of social perks and a sense of belonging. This also lets you avoid the common senses of isolation or loneliness that a lot of seniors unfortunately feel if they live alone. 
  3. Built-In Amenities: Senior communities are incredibly convenient and give you access to tons of amenities. From housekeeping to entertainment centers or gyms, these communities give you the opportunity to have access to tons of great things. Additionally, having housekeeping and lack of maintenance responsibilities let you enjoy sitting back and letting others upkeep things for you.
  4. Access to Health Services: Senior facilities have highly-trained, often 24/7 healthcare staff that gives you access to anything you may need, whether you’re just feeling a little under the weather or if you have an emergency. 
  5. Flexible Living Styles: Whether you’re interested in an independent, 55+ community that gives you access to amenities and like-minded friends while allowing you to retain your current lifestyle, or moving into an assisted living or senior facility that gives you more attentive care if you need it, you can find it all when moving into senior communities. 

Premier Senior Movers for You

Regardless of where you’re headed, Cord Moving & Storage has the best senior moving services for you. Whether located in St. Louis or Memphis, contact us today to get in touch with our staff for the best senior move possible. We look forward to working with you.