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Afford your next move with smart, payment choices

Through an Exclusive program via Enhancify, as low as 0% Financing is Available to You

Why Finance Your Move?

Moving can be expensive. Get the money you need to relocate by viewing, comparing, and applying for financing through the Enhancify network of lenders, without affecting your credit score. It’s that simple!


How it Works

Submit your financing application in 60 seconds and instantly see the rates that are available to you (including 0% same-as-cash offers) from thousands of participating lenders. Choose which lending option you would like, and instantly turn your move into a monthly payment plan rather than one large payment.

Get Pre-Approved

Relocating is an expensive life event. With Enhancify, you will get financial need assistance so that you don’t need to worry so much about the cost. Enhancify’s financing programs offer you a range of affordable and flexible payment solutions. Compare and choose from a wide range of lending partners, without impacting your credit. Getting pre-approved is easy.


Our Financing helps finance relocation expenses, covering costs like hiring movers, transportation, and related expenses. The specifics may vary, so inquire with the provider for details.

Our Financing covers various expenses, such as hiring movers, transportation, packing materials, and sometimes temporary storage fees. Discuss with providers to determine eligible expenses.

Application processes and eligibility requirements vary by provider. You’ll typically need to provide more details, financial information, and repayment ability. Specific criteria, like credit checks and income verification, may apply.

Interest rates and terms depend on your chosen provider and financing package. Some offer competitive rates and flexible terms, while others have more stringent conditions. Compare offers to find what suits your budget.

Our Financing is generally available for both residential and commercial moves. Whether it’s a home or business relocation, Enhancify Move Financing can assist with covering expenses. Ensure you check with the provider for specific coverage and requirements.


  • Cord Moving and Storage is not an agent, advisor, or lender
  • Your interest rate is determined by the lender and will vary based on creditworthiness and your personal credit score
  • All financial terms of the loan, including the Annual Percentage Rate (“APR”), fees, charges, and repayment period will be provided to you by the lending partner.
  • Cord Moving and Storage assumes no liability or responsibility to you or any third party related to your loan.