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Gary Sinise Foundation Partnership

Our Partnership with the Gary Sinise Foundation

The men and women of the United States Armed Forces literally sacrifice life and limb to serve our country.  At Cord Moving and Storage, we show our gratitude by assisting severely injured veterans and first responders with their move into a custom-built home that accommodates their specific disabilities.

Gary Sinise Foundation Partnership

Our partnership with the Gary Sinise Foundation accomplishes the goal of moving their personal effects and all furnishings that ultimately makes the house a home.   These specially adapted smart homes are built by the Gary Sinise Foundation RISE program, which stands for “Restoring Independence Supporting Empowerment” – a motto that we live by, in order to encourage every hero who is injured in service.  From the acquisition of the property to the entire construction of the home, along with new furniture and decorations is done via 100% contribution of materials and labor from Sinise partners.  What a privilege it is to be counted as a vital partner in this amazing program.

Smart Home for Wounded Veterans

The little things we take for granted every day can be extremely challenging tasks for veterans who sustain injuries while fighting for our freedom. Smart homes are crafted in a manner that allows residents with disabilities to accomplish daily activities without strain or frustration.

Adaptive residences have several special features that provide independence to our heroes, including remote access control for the following items:

  • Exterior and interior lights
  • Garage doors
  • Shades
  • Several other residential functions

Smart homes are created to provide comfort for disabled veterans, as well as their families. All residences are 100% mortgage free. These homes are a symbol of patriotism to the heroes who have already paid by sacrificing themselves in service to the United States of America.

Wheelchair Accessible Homes

Many of the injured veterans who receive smart homes have lost limbs or do not have complete mobility.  The Gary Sinise Foundation RISE program works directly with vets during the creation process to custom-build residences that focus on reducing the disability burden.

This often starts by creating a wheelchair accessible home while keeping the look and feel of a standard residence. Smart homes for wounded veterans who require a wheelchair have subtle differences that make functionality simple. Hallways are wider, showers are larger, counter heights are slightly lower, kitchen shelving is made to adjust and several additional home variations are crafted for easy use.


We have helped numerous wounded veterans move their belongings into new smart homes by assisting with the relocation of their possessions. Our ongoing partnership with the Gary Sinise Foundation is a promise to honor our nation’s heroes for their sacrifices. Here are just a few stories about some of the remarkable veterans we’ve assisted.

Bomb Disposal Technician Andrew Bottrell – US Navy

Navy Bomb Disposal Technician Andrew Bottrell lost both of his legs and left arm after his vehicle was struck by an explosion in Afghanistan. Luckily, his resilience was stronger than his  injuries. Today, the veteran proudly walks with two prosthetic legs and he and his wide Lindsey were recipients of a brand-new smart home in San Diego, California.

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SGT Franz Walkup – US Army

US Army SGT Franz Walkup is a testament to the courageous sacrifice that military veterans give in service to their country. Following an ambush while serving in Afghanistan in 2012, SGT Walkup was shot five times. He underwent 78 surgeries and earned a Purple Heart for his valor. Cord Moving & Storage and The Gary Sinise Foundation were honored to present SGT Walkup and in his wife, Shannon, with a beautiful new home.

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SGT Michael Frazier – US Marine Corps.

USMC SGT Michael Frazier (Ret.) served in three combat deployments to Iraq and one to Afghanistan. In 2011, he stepped on an improvised explosive device (IED), losing both of his legs, and a significant portion of the function in his right arm. SGT Frazier persevered through two years of recovery and rehabilitation. He and his family received a specially adapted smart home that was the perfect fit.

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Trusted Veteran Movers

Cord Moving & Storage would like to honor and thank all who have served our country in the highest regard.  We are a dedicated veteran and first responder moving company with a passion for assisting those that protect our nation at home and abroad with a wide array of relocation services customized and reasonably priced to help you get to your next home.  If you are a veteran or first responder in need of a moving company that supports our nation’s finest, contact us at 888-295-3374 and receive a free quote today.

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