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Commercial Services


Commercial Moving

Cord Moving and Storage has the experience, equipment, and qualified personnel to expertly coordinate and execute any size and type of business or industrial move.
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Office Moving

Moving any office – large or small – can be a challenge, which is why it’s essential to have experienced professionals on your team.
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Healthcare Facilities and Labs

Moving a hospital or healthcare facility requires exceptional skill and moving experience. Cord Moving is a trusted professional healthcare facility moving team.
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Medical Records Relocations

There are few things as sensitive and confidential as medical records. When it comes to moving medical records, it’s essential to have an expert plan and coordinate the process to assure your items are safely relocated with the utmost care and confidentiality.
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Hospital & Medical Facility Moving

When you choose to move your hospital or medical facility with Cord, we will do all we can to help you continue your valuable work without disruption, as we progress with your move.
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Medical Relocation Services

At Cord Moving and Storage, we understand the importance of efficiency in the medical world and offer seamless moving services for doctors, consultants and medical professionals of all kinds, to enable seamless relocation.
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Heavy Manufacturing Enterprises

Relocating manufacturing facilities involving exceptionally large, bulky or heavy equipment can seem daunting. Cord Moving and Storage has the vehicles, resources and expertise necessary to relocate even the most difficult-to-move equipment securely and swiftly.
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Restaurants & Food Service Facilities

Cord Moving and Storage has extensive experience in restaurant and food services logistics. Whether you’re relocating, opening a new restaurant, or renovating a current space, our project managers will plan and successfully manage your project from start to finish.
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Warehousing and Distribution

We have a highly experienced team of warehouse logistics professionals who provide warehouse management systems, integrated material handling systems, general warehousing fulfillment, and more.
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Commercial Storage

Cord Moving and Storage is a warehouse service provider with the finest secure locations in the United States. Cord Moving and Storage is strategically located to support many of your specialized warehousing and storage requirements.
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Document Storage

Many years ago, Cord Moving and Storage developed The File Room in St. Louis to handle the overwhelming need for corporations to store their records/documents in an offsite facility.
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Museum and Fine Art Moving

We have more than 50 years’ experience in fine art moving including museum exhibits and antiques and artwork shipments.
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Classroom and Office Relocations

Moving a college or university can seem like a difficult challenge, but with the experts from Cord Moving and Storage at your side, your relocation will be seamless. We’re highly experienced in the unique service niche of on-campus facility relocations.
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Laboratory Relocations

The professionals at Cord Moving and Storage are expert lab movers and understand that the demands of laboratories are unlike those of any other organization.
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Library Moving

Cord Moving and Storage has vast and varied experience in relocating libraries. Our areas of expertise include moving public, private, personal, university/school, corporate and law firm libraries.
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data center moving

Tech and Data Center Moving

Moving a data center of any size can seem overwhelmingly complex, which is why having a professional team by your side is essential. The technology relocation specialists at Cord Moving and Storage will plan and execute the critical aspects of relocating your IT equipment and assist with infrastructure setup at your new location.
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Transporting Retail Displays and Fixtures

Retail fixtures or displays may need to be delivered simultaneously to many retail locations during a short period of time. Cord Moving and Storage is experienced in rapid and simultaneous rollouts and can meet large geographic dispersions with services including planning, transportation, consolidation, delivery, and store fixture installation.
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Asset Recovery Logistics

Cord Moving and Storage has trained, professional recovery personnel to manage your technology and equipment asset recovery efforts.
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Logistics Services & Transportation Solutions

Cord Moving and Storage has extensive experience providing exceptional logistics services. We have a reliable, trustworthy team of professionals to handle your most complex transportation and supply chain challenges.
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Home Delivery Solutions

Cord Moving and Storage uses trained, highly experienced service providers to expertly handle high-value products for outstanding home delivery service. We offer the highest quality services to the entire continental United States, and meet nationally recognized service standards.
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FF&E Transportation

Cord Moving and Storage will provide the exceptional FF&E and freight management services you’re looking for. We have vast experience working with hotels and restaurants within the hospitality industry and have acquired an in-depth understanding of what it takes to minimize downtime throughout renovation, relocation, and when opening a new location.
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