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Residential Storage

Running out of storage space in your household or looking for storage options during your residential move? Whatever your circumstances, count on Cord Moving and Storage to provide trusted, top-tier residential storage space in Memphis and St. Louis.  

Our reliable storage units offer the ideal location to store items for short-term or long-term needs alike, complete with a 24/7 security system and a climate-controlled environment. With Cord, you can always expect to receive high-quality service and excellent storage space, providing the perfect solution for people looking to address a wide variety of goals and needs.  

Residential Storage Units in Memphis and St. Louis

What features make Cord’s residential storage space the #1 choice for storage in Memphis and St. Louis? Our storage solutions provide comprehensive features to address a wide array of items and use cases. Learn more about what characterizes our state-of-the-art storage units… 

  • Containerized/vault storage 
  • Temperature controlled 
  • 24-hour alarm – video security systems 
  • Clean facility 
  • Incoming and outgoing storage reservations by appointment 
  • Computerized operations/tracking 
  • Professional protection and containerizing of items and shipment by experienced, well-trained warehousing associates

Uses for Storage Units

Wondering what you can accomplish with a storage unit? There are plenty of uses for this extra storage space—even ones you might not have thought of! Learn about some of the many ways to utilize a storage unit. 

  1. Temporary Storage During Moves: Embarking on a relocation journey? Storage units serve as invaluable assets during residential moves. They provide a safe and secure space to store belongings temporarily, facilitating a smoother transition between homes. As you pack your boxes, you can opt to place them in the storage unit for safekeeping until moving day, allowing you to keep your home clean and clutter-free as you prepare. 
  2. Seasonal Storage: From bulky winter clothing to festive holiday decorations, storage units offer a practical solution for seasonal item storage. Residents can rotate their belongings according to the season, optimizing space within their homes. This can be especially helpful if you don’t have much storage space in your home or even if you’d rather allocate that storage space for different items. A storage unit can provide a secure, climate-controlled area for your seasonal decor. 
  3. Decluttering and Organization: Storage units can play a pivotal role in decluttering and organizing your home. Items that are not frequently used but are still valuable or sentimental can be stored in these units, freeing up your living space and promoting a more organized environment. You can also utilize shelving and other organizational tools in your unit to make the space even easier to navigate when you need certain items. 
  4. Renovation Storage: During home renovations, storage units provide a safe haven for furniture, appliances, and a multitude of other belongings. By relocating items to storage, you can safeguard your possessions from damage or dust, ensuring your home improvement projects proceed smoothly without any issues or financial losses. This step will allow a home renovation to be completed in a stress-free, streamlined manner. 
  5. Home Business Storage: For entrepreneurs operating businesses from home, storage units offer essential storage solutions. These units accommodate inventory, supplies, and equipment, allowing home-based businesses to operate efficiently without compromising living space. Many small business owners take advantage of storage units to achieve their business goals and keep their business items separate from their homes. 
  6. Hobby or Collections Storage: Enthusiasts with hobbies or collections that require ample space can utilize storage units to house their equipment or items. Whether it’s woodworking tools, art supplies, or antique collections, storage units provide a dedicated space for hobbies and passions. You can keep your collections safe in a storage facility, allowing you to experience peace of mind and enhanced organization. 
  7. Downsizing: When downsizing to a smaller home, many residents may face challenges accommodating all their belongings. Storage units bridge this gap by offering additional space to store items that may not fit in the new residence, easing the transition to a smaller home. This can allow you more time to declutter once you’re in your new home, or you can use your storage unit long-term for items that you don’t need readily available at your residence.

What Makes Cord the #1 Provider of Residential Storage?

If you’re curious about what sets Cord Moving and Storage apart from other residential storage providers, allow us to explain a few of our top points of pride. Discover more about Cord below! 

  • Secure Storage Space: When you count on Cord for storage space, you can always rest assured that our units are completely safe and secure. A 24/7 alarm system safeguards our facility, allowing you to rest assured that your belongings are secure in your unit. Our vaulted units are a secure option that allows you to feel totally confident in the storage services we provide to our valued customers. 
  • Over a Century of Experience: For 104 years, Cord Moving and Storage has provided high-quality, trustworthy moving services to customers in St. Louis, Memphis, and beyond. We pride ourselves on our history of excellence, and for the past century, Cord has established itself as a dependable source of moving, packing, and storage solutions. Our services have only continued to improve over time as we constantly aim to better our solutions and meet even higher standards. When you work with Cord, you can trust that you will receive top-tier solutions for your residential storage needs. 
  • Customizable Services: Our team never takes a one-size-fits-all approach to our solutions. Instead, we take the route of customizability, allowing our valued customers to define their individual goals and needs to be addressed specifically by the pros at Cord. We communicate and coordinate with you every step of the way throughout all the services we provide in order to achieve the best results possible. 
  • Team of Professionals: Looking for a team of moving and storage professionals you can count on? When you utilize residential storage solutions, having a team you can rely on is a huge advantage. Fortunately, every member of the Cord staff possesses ample knowledge and training to make them a moving and storage expert. You can rely on us to assist you through your relocation and storage needs, fielding any questions or concerns you have along the way. 

Count on Cord for High-Quality Storage Solutions!

Ready to work with Cord Moving and Storage for all your residential storage needs? When you need residential storage space in Memphis and St. Louis, there’s no better option than Cord. We work tirelessly to provide our valued customers with solutions they can count on.  

Request a free quote online or call us today, and discover how our services can improve your experience!