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St. Louis International Movers

Searching for a moving company in St. Louis to facilitate your upcoming international move? When you need movers for an international relocation, Cord Moving & Storage is your top choice in St. Louis, MO. With a history of excellent service and a comprehensive menu of moving solutions, you can trust that the team at Cord will empower you to experience a streamlined, simplified move overseas.  

No matter where you’re headed, our team of moving professionals is prepared with knowledge and expertise and well-versed in the best ways to complete international relocations. Ready to embark on your moving journey with Cord? Keep reading to learn more about our services! 

International Moving Services in St. Louis, MO

For customers seeking high-quality international moving solutions in St. Louis, Cord Moving and Storage is a full-service moving company with an array of customizable services. Discover our menu of international relocation services below… 

  • Residential International Moves: Looking for movers to assist with your overseas household relocation? Cord’s trusted residential moving services provide the ideal solutions you’re seeking. For 104 years, we have provided customers in St. Louis and beyond with residential moving services they can trust. No matter the size or distance of your move, we can work with you to achieve the best results, empowering you to experience international moving like never before. Our team diligently tailors our solutions to meet your individual needs. 
  • Commercial International Moves: Need help moving your business internationally? When you need dependable commercial moving services with international capabilities, Cord has got you covered. We can streamline your overseas business move, minimizing downtime to get your business running internationally as quickly as possible. Even with fragile office equipment or other items, our team understands the best approaches to keep these items safe in transit. Trust Cord to move your business with confidence and ease. 
  • Storage Solutions: As you tackle an international move, you may need storage solutions in St. Louis to improve the process. Whether you’re seeking short-term or long-term services, our secure warehouse provides the perfect location to house your items. Our climate-controlled facility offers the ideal environment to store your belongings and keep them in good condition. Plus, the warehouse is fully protected by a 24/7 surveillance system, providing unmatched peace of mind while your belongings are stored with Cord. 
  • Packing Services for International Relocations: Preparing for an international move can feel overwhelming, and part of the stress may be attributed to the large task of packing. Rather than worrying about packing, opt for full or partial packing services to improve the process. Our packing experts understand the most effective ways to pack your belongings to decrease the risk of damage and keep your items safe and sound in transit. We also offer unpacking services, empowering you to efficiently adjust to your new home with your items quickly unpacked. 
  • Import/Export Management Services: Businesses, organizations, and individuals worldwide partner with Cord to confidently ship their belongings internationally. The Cord team coordinates crucial relocations in and out of the United States, as well as between third countries, enabling clients of all types to easily import and export items.

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Reasons to Choose Cord for St. Louis International Moving

What makes Cord the right choice for your international moving needs? When you’re weighing your options for St. Louis international moving services, Cord Moving and Storage Company stands apart from the competitors. Discover a few of the reasons why we’re the right choice for you below! 

  • 104 Years of Excellence: For over a century, Cord Moving & Storage has been providing trusted solutions to customers in St. Louis and beyond, enabling these clients to enjoy moving made simple. Our 104 years of service in the moving industry have allowed us to hone our craft and understand the most effective ways to tackle moving, packing, and storage. This expertise is especially valuable for international moves, as we can adeptly address the complexities of overseas relocations, thanks to our years of experience. 
  • Proven Reputation of Reliability: Throughout the years, Cord has gained a reputation of reliability from our valued customers. Customer feedback has allowed us to serve as a trusted option for dependable moving services, allowing new customers to feel confident knowing that others have experienced nothing short of excellence from our team. These positive reviews serve as our guiding force as we utilize our clientele feedback to ensure we meet and exceed expectations through every move we facilitate.  
  • High-Quality, Comprehensive Services: At Cord, you can expect to receive high-quality, comprehensive moving solutions from our staff. Although international relocations can feel especially daunting, our services completely address customers’ needs throughout the process. We work to tailor our solutions to meet your individual needs, allowing you to enjoy a move that feels fully catered to you and your goals.  
  • Team of Moving Experts: When you work with the team at Cord, you can feel confident knowing you’re relying on a team of highly-trained, experienced, knowledgeable moving professionals. Our experts understand the ins and outs of international relocations, and they have been thoroughly trained to address a wide array of moving concerns and circumstances. We are constantly working to improve our services, and each member of our team diligently upholds our values through the solutions they provide. Expect nothing short of excellent customer service when you work with the Cord team! 
  • Commitment to the Mission: At Cord Moving and Storage Company, we are fully committed to our mission, and we work to instill this mission in every service we provide. We follow the Cord creed—emphasizing customer, objective, response, and deliver—through all of the services we provide. Our team consistently strives to exceed customer expectations across all solutions, measuring our success only by customer satisfaction.

Trusted International Relocation Solutions in St. Louis

When you work with movers for your international move, we understand that trust is one of the most crucial elements of this process. We want our customers to feel confident in the dependability of our services every step of the way, and our team strives to ensure we meet this goal for all of our clients. Our partnerships allow us to instill peace of mind in our customers during their moves.  

One way we do this is through our agent status with northAmerican Van Lines, a nationally-renowned van line. Through this partnership, we are held to the NAVL standards, pushing our services to new heights. Additionally, we are a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business with an A+ rating, further engraining confidence in our valued customers throughout their international moves. 

Prepare for Your International Move with Cord!

With Cord Moving & Storage, you can experience an international moving process that feels efficient and stress-free. Ready to embark on an exciting international relocation with the help of Cord’s moving experts? Request a free quote online or call us today and discover how Cord can transform your overseas move!