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Top Office Movers in St. Louis & Memphis

When gearing up for an office move in Memphis or St. Louis, it’s imperative to have experienced office movers on your side who know the unique ins and outs of office moves. From office planning to minimizing downtime and installing equipment and furniture, you need professional office movers in St. Louis and Memphis who have what it takes to conduct your move efficiently yet with the safety of your office’s items as their top priority. That’s where Cord Moving & Storage comes in.  

Our experienced, professional office movers understand everything necessary for a smooth, worry-free office or business move. If your office in the St. Louis or Memphis area is planning a move, look no further than Cord Moving and Storage to have all your needs met and expectations exceeded. 

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Top Office Moving Services for Every Need

Unlike a residential move, office moves tend to disrupt the daily activities of a business and require a moving team that understands the unique needs associated with office relocations. With the experienced team of successful office movers in Memphis or St. Louis at Cord Moving & Storage, your business move will be an organized, seamless experience with minimal downtime. Our goal is to move your belongings and office equipment as safely, efficiently, and quickly as possible so you and your team can return to business. 
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Benefits of Using Cord as Your Office Relocation Specialist

As one of the top office movers in St. Louis and Memphis, Cord Moving & Storage has what it takes to make your office move as simple and straightforward as possible. When you choose our services, it means not only getting above and beyond office moving services but the following benefits that come with our services: 

  • 100+ Years of Experience: Having a moving company with not just decades, but a century of experience in moves of all kinds lets you have the confidence in our services that you deserve. Our office moving specialists are the best in the industry, and our services have been attuned and cultivated over the years to cater to businesses of all types and sizes to make moves easy, streamlined, and straightforward. 
  • Next-Level Professionalism & Attention to Detail: From heavy furnishings to the most delicate items, Cord has the skill and resources to pack and transport every item safely, securely, and efficiently. We’ve earned the respect of thousands of clients through our expert planning, scheduling, and attention to detail in our office moving services.  
  • Efficient Services to Minimize Downtime: We understand that when it comes to moving offices, timing is crucial. Our moving consultants specialize in managing complex and time-sensitive projects, and plan every aspect of the relocation process to ensure little or no office downtime. 
  • Top Customer Service & Support: With our customer service team on your side, there’s nothing that can’t be handled. Our team and your personal office moving specialist will guide you through the entire office moving process from start to finish, and we are here to support you with anything you require during the course of your relocation. 
  • Agent of northAmerican Van Lines: When you choose Cord, you’re not only benefitting from our top-rated office moving services, but you’re also getting the support and resources that come from our partnership with northAmerican Van Lines. As an agent of northAmerican, one of the country’s largest and top-rated van lines, you can enjoy services that can cover offices of any size or moves of any distance. 
  • Specialty IT Services & Expertise: The Cord teams have experience not only moving offices, but unique items and the specialized IT equipment that keep them running. We know that business moves are critical for IT departments, which is why our technology relocation professionals expertly plan and assist in moving tech-related equipment and setting up the infrastructure at your new office location. We also provide asset inventory systems, cataloging, warehousing, office layout and space optimization, configuration and installation services, file systems reconfiguration, and more.

Our dedicated, expert team knows the importance of careful, detailed planning, as well as effective collaboration to understand your business’ needs and goals. Whether your move is months away or at the last minute, we will expertly coordinate your process to complete it on time and on budget. 

Comprehensive, Full-Service Office Movers for You

Working with Cord Moving & Storage for your office’s move means more than just moving items from your old location to your new one. Instead, Cord’s full-service approach ensures you receive services that make your office move run smoothly and efficiently without causing undue disruption to your operations.  

Our St. Louis & Memphis office moving services include: 

  • Office Pre-Move Planning: An office move starts with proper planning and scheduling, along with understanding and tailoring each move to meet the unique needs of every business client. Our team knows that timing is important when it comes to moving offices. That’s why our office moving experts in Memphis and St. Louis work with each client to plan every detail of the move from beginning to end to minimize downtime and plan your new space to your liking and within your desired timeline. 
  • Packing & Transportation: From moving office furniture to computer systems like desktops and laptops, copy machines, and even delicate I.T. equipment, heavy machinery and furniture, and paper documents, files, and more, our team will safely and efficiently transport all of your items with ease. 
  • Full-Service Installation: Our well-trained and certified technicians specialize in all of the big office brands like Haworth, Herman Miller, Knoll, Kimball Intl, Steelcase, Teknion, and many others to ensure your office is up and running smoothly.

Ready for a Successful Office Move with Cord?

By choosing Cord Moving and Storage for your office’s move, you’re allowing you and your team to focus on the success of your business rather than the arduous labor and stressful planning involved with an office relocation.  

Our organized team will carefully pick up and transport all of your boxes, furniture, and other items to your new location, unloading and placing furniture and equipment according to your new space’s layout and plan. Our skilled, experienced office movers in St. Louis and Memphis have the right expertise as well as the necessary equipment and supplies to pack and transport every office item safely, efficiently, and securely. We are proud of the many decades of experience we have and are proud to have given thousands of businesses and their employees smooth office moves time and time again.  

Ready to get your office move process started? Contact us now at 888-376-1541 to learn more about our services or request a free moving quote today. 


What is office moving?

Office moving refers to the relocation of office equipment, furniture, electronics, and other related items from one business location to another. Our services ensure a seamless and hassle-free transition.

How is commercial moving different from residential moving?

Commercial moving, especially office relocations, involves specialized handling of office equipment, sensitive electronics, and modular furniture systems. The processes and logistics differ significantly from moving household items.

Are you licensed and insured?

Absolutely. Our team is fully licensed, and we provide insurance coverage for all the items we move, ensuring peace of mind for our clients.

Can you handle office moves of any size?

Yes, whether it’s a small startup or a large corporate office, we have the equipment, personnel, and expertise to manage relocations of all sizes.

Can I get a free quote for my office move?

Absolutely! Just contact our customer service team or fill out the online inquiry form, and we’ll provide you with a detailed estimate based on your requirements.