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Specialty Movers in Memphis & St. Louis

At Cord Moving & Storage, we’re well aware that moving often entails moving more than just moving items from point A to point B. From services catering to certain groups of people’s needs to packing to services customized to take care of awkward or rare items, many people require a little extra to ensure their relocation runs successfully from start to finish. That’s why Cord Moving & Storage provides a variety of specialty services designed to meet the needs of individuals, families, businesses, and the items they’re moving or putting into storage with us.  

From creating services for seniors or members of the military to providing customized services for antiques, fine art, and more, Cord Moving & Storage does everything we can to make sure your move has the services you need and deserve—all for the right price. With over 100 years of experience and teams of the best moving experts in both St. Louis and Memphis, we’ll go above and beyond to ensure your relocation runs smoothly.  

What are Specialty Moving Services?

Wondering if your move requires specialty services or what they entail? We’ve got the answers for you. Specialty moving services are designed to meet the unique needs of certain groups or items throughout the moving process.  

Where standard moving services cater to general moves and processes involving regular loading and unloading, transport, and more, specialty services take an extra step to ensure the safety of out-of-the-ordinary items, help out with packing, or meet the needs of specific people. Having these services on your side gives you that extra sense of peace of mind in knowing your items are being handled expertly.  

Cord’s Specialty Moving Services Include:

Cord offers a variety of specialty moving services that cater to both residential and commercial clients in St. Louis and Memphis. Our services include:  

  • Senior Moving: Moving can be a challenge for seniors, both mentally and physically. When trying to downsize or declutter a home they’ve lived in for many years and might’ve raised families in, it’s tough to get rid of items that have been a part of their space for a significant amount of time. Additionally, packing and moving heavy items can be arduous and downright dangerous for seniors. For older adults who require extra assistance in packing, moving, or downsizing, Cord Moving & Storage is here to help. We have senior moving services designed to support, aid, and guide seniors through their moving process and get them settled easily, no matter where they’re headed. Learn more about our senior moving services to see what we can do for you or your loved ones. 
  • Military Moving: Military moving is often a complicated process that can involve tight or last-minute timelines, moves overseas with logistical and needs for customs guidance, and complete adherence to regulations or rules when moving to a new base. Cord understands this and goes above and beyond to make military moves of any kind simple and streamlined for maximum efficiency. With many decades of experience in conducting successful military relocations, we have the knowledge and expertise to conduct these types of moves with ease. Learn more about our military moving services to see what difference we can make for your relocation. 
  • Professional Packing Services: As many know, packing can be an extremely time-consuming process, especially when trying to coordinate this around busy schedules or business hours. Whether in need of residential or commercial packing services, having professionals take over the task will give you significant breathing room in your moving timeline, reduce your stress, and ensure the safety and security of your items during transit. Our teams of professional packers use industry-leading techniques to safely and efficiently pack any items you require. Whether you require packing services for an entire household or business or just partial ones for a few items, we have you covered. 
  • Antique & Fine Art Moving: Whether moving an entire museum, a collection of fine art, or just a few pieces, Cord Moving & Storage has the experience and capabilities to relocate these precious items seamlessly. Our teams have been specially trained to provide extra-special and detailed care and security to these items when handling them and during the transportation process, and have the specialized equipment that will allow them to be relocated safely. 

Why Choose Cord for Your Specialty Moving Needs?

Whether located in St. Louis or Memphis, Cord’s expert team of relocation specialists are committed to giving you the best and most complete moving services possible, no matter what specialty services you might require. The following are just some of the reasons why Cord stands apart from the rest: 

  • 100+ Years of Experience: Not many moving companies can say they have over a century of experience under their belts, but Cord can. Over our many, many years in business, we’ve been a part of countless moves of all sizes, scopes, and types and have honed our expertise to ensure every move is treated individually and covered in all aspects.  
  • Customer Service Excellence: Having customer service representatives you can trust and rely on not only allows you to feel confident and supported throughout your moving process but also ensures complete and open communication throughout your entire move. Our team is composed of only friendly, knowledgeable people who do everything they can to make your move smooth and successful. 
  • Highly-Trained Staff: From our customer service staff to moving crews and drivers, you’re working with industry-leading professionals when you choose Cord. We only hire the best of the best and train each of our departments to execute any move to the highest standards.  
  • Wide Array of Services: Cord is proud to be able to do it all, from our array of specialty moving services to our general services spanning local, long-distance, and international needs for residential and commercial customers.  
  • Financing Options: We make our services as accessible as possible and customize our moving options to not only meet your needs but your budget as well. On top of our already affordable options, we also offer financing options through Enhancify, which allows you to pay for your move in a series of monthly installments. 

Ready for a Streamlined Moving Experience?

Cord Moving & Storage is proud to provide high-quality yet affordable specialty moving services to address any requirement or need you might have during your move. From moving services catered to seniors or military personnel to options to aid with packing, storage, or moving rare or delicate items, we’ll go above and beyond to make your relocation a breeze.  

Ready to get your moving process started? Whether looking for specialty movers in St. Louis or Memphis, Cord has you covered. Give us a call today at 888-553-0806 to learn more about our service, or request a free quote today to start your moving journey.