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Healthcare Facility and Lab Moving


Moving a hospital or healthcare facility requires exceptional skill and moving experience. Cord Moving is a trusted, professional healthcare facility moving team. We understand that transporting medical and laboratory equipment requires the highest level of care, experienced professionals who understand the unique requirements of the equipment to be moved, and the right packing materials and techniques to ensure every item arrives at its destination in the same condition it left your facility.

We follow a clear process with every healthcare move, which begins with creating a comprehensive moving plan and a timeline that works for you. We will also assess your facility and all items to be relocated. From furnishings to patient records, every item can be cataloged through our inventory process.

Each move is unique, and our team of specialists will oversee every detail and tailor our services to your specific needs. We offer custom crating and packaging to safely and expertly transport delicate items such as those with lasers, lenses, and other fragile components, as well as heavy, large, and unusually-shaped equipment.

Our experience in relocating healthcare facilities includes large and small hospitals, doctor’s offices, medical and biotech laboratory facilities, and research facilities. In addition to moving office furnishings, medical records, and computer systems, we have the expertise to pack and transport an array of medical equipment including, but not limited to: CT scanners, MRI machines, diagnostic equipment, X-ray devices, surgical equipment, hospital furniture, and temperature-sensitive items including freezers and frozen or refrigerated items.

Cord Moving and Storage understands that minimizing downtime is a high priority for any healthcare facility. We are committed to providing the exceptional planning, scheduling, and logistical support necessary to safely and efficiently move your lab or medical office as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Contact us today at 888-295-3374 to learn more about our dedication to providing top-quality lab and medical office moves, and how we can expertly handle your specific needs.