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Warehousing and Distribution

For over 100 years, Cord Moving and Storage has been a cornerstone in delivering top-tier warehousing and distribution solutions in St. Louis. An unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction underlines all of our company’s services, allowing us to deliver solutions with trusted results. Since our establishment in 1930, we have fostered enduring partnerships with a diverse clientele encompassing distribution and traffic managers, logistics firms, food service providers, retailers, manufacturers, and import/export enterprises. 

Our seasoned team comprises warehouse logistics experts adept at orchestrating a spectrum of services, including warehouse management systems, integrated material handling systems, comprehensive warehousing fulfillment, pick-and-pack operations, light assembly tasks, e-fulfillment solutions, bar coding implementation, cross-docking services, reverse logistics management, rail service integration, and cost-effective less than truckload (LTL) shipping alternatives. 

Trusted Warehousing & Distribution Solutions in Memphis & St. Louis

At Cord Moving and Storage Company, we pride ourselves on providing trusted warehousing and distribution solutions tailored to meet your needs in Memphis and St. Louis. Our comprehensive range of services ensures efficient handling and distribution of your goods, enabling you to focus on growing your business. Learn more about our warehousing and distributing services below! 

  • Warehouse Management Systems: Utilizing state-of-the-art warehouse management systems, Cord offers seamless inventory tracking, real-time visibility, and efficient order processing, ensuring accuracy and reliability throughout the supply chain. With our warehousing management system, your business can unlock complete efficiency and maintain an organized, methodical warehouse. 
  • Integrated Material Handling Systems: Our integrated material handling systems optimize warehouse operations, enhancing productivity and minimizing handling errors. From receiving to shipping, we ensure the smooth and efficient movement of goods, allowing your company to experience the utmost efficiency and convenience throughout the process. 
  • General Warehousing Fulfillment: With our spacious and strategically located warehouses, we provide flexible storage solutions for a variety of goods. Whether your business has short-term or long-term storage needs, we have the capacity to accommodate your inventory requirements. Warehousing fulfillment has never been easier than with the help of Cord Moving and Storage. 
  • Pick-And-Pack Operations: Our expert team specializes in pick-and-pack operations, accurately assembling orders and preparing them for shipment in a timely manner. With meticulous attention to detail, we ensure orders are fulfilled accurately and efficiently, allowing your company to achieve high-quality, desirable results. 
  • E-Fulfillment: In today’s digital age, the team at Cord understands the importance of effective, timely e-commerce fulfillment. Our e-fulfillment services are tailored to meet the demands of online retail, offering fast order processing, customized packaging, and reliable shipping solutions. These tools enable you to provide the highest quality service for your customers. 
  • Bar Coding: Implementing advanced bar coding systems, we streamline inventory management and improve accuracy in tracking and tracing goods within the warehouse. Bar coding enhances efficiency and reduces the likelihood of errors in the fulfillment process, creating a more effective, streamlined workflow for best results.

Why Choose Cord for Warehousing & Distribution Services?

Debating whether or not Cord is the right choice for your company’s warehousing and distribution needs? Discover a few of the reasons why Cord is the ideal option for warehousing and distribution services in St. Louis and Memphis! 

  • 104 Years of Experience: One of the most significant points of pride for the team at Cord is our history of over a century. For 104 years, we have provided top-tier relocation solutions to countless customers, enabling them to access unmatched convenience and efficiency. Our long history in the industry has allowed us to continuously hone our services and deliver nothing short of excellence for our valued customers. With Cord, you can always trust that our solutions are backed by experience and expertise, thanks to our long history. 
  • Highly Rated Solutions: Over the years, the team at Cord has accumulated an array of positive customer reviews for our solutions, from moving to warehousing and everything in between. With our commercial and residential services alike, we prioritize customer satisfaction above all else, and we work diligently to achieve the results you’re striving for. Because of this, we have proudly earned a reputation for high-quality, trusted services.  
  • Customizable Services: When you work with Cord Moving and Storage, you can always expect to receive services that are customizable to your needs. We work with our customers to provide solutions that are completely tailored to their own individual circumstances and goals, allowing us to aim for the best results possible every step of the way. With the Cord team, you can achieve heightened results through solutions that are completely customized for you. 
  • Professional Expertise: At Cord, every member of our warehousing and distribution team is highly trained and experienced, providing an abundance of professional expertise through every service they provide. We hold our team to the highest industry standards to ensure our customers experience the very best in warehousing and distribution services with us. Our team can field your questions and concerns with ease, allowing for a seamless, stress-free experience. 
  • Peace of Mind: With a team you can trust and services you can count on, peace of mind is part of the experience when you work with Cord. Our experienced warehousing professionals adeptly handle every aspect of your services so you can trust that you’ll receive dependable, high-quality solutions from our team. 

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Warehousing Made Simple with Cord

Cord Moving and Storage boasts a state-of-the-art warehouse space, ensuring the utmost security and modern amenities for short- and long-term domestic dry storage needs. Featuring 10 dock doors equipped with convenient drive-up ramps, our facility is optimized for seamless staging, storage, and shipping operations. Spread across five-plus acres of paved area, our premises facilitate effortless movement of trucks and containers, along with ample outdoor storage space. 

Our facility is equipped with cutting-edge technology, including computerized inventory management systems, robust 10,000-pound capacity forklifts, versatile racking and bulk storage options, and round-the-clock video surveillance for enhanced security. We’ve also implemented an EFA in-rack sprinkler system to ensure fire safety measures are in place. 

To cater to diverse scheduling needs, we offer flexible operating hours, with personnel available as needed. Our standard hours are Monday to Friday, from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., and Saturday, from 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. 

Additionally, the Cord warehouse possesses a variety of features that allow our customers to experience enhanced, high-quality service. Discover a few of the features of the Cord warehouse below! 

  • Climate-controlled storage and warehousing 
  • Containerized/vault storage 
  • 24-hour alarm system 
  • Video security systems 
  • Fresh, clean facility 
  • Incoming and outgoing storage reservations by appointment 
  • Computerized operations and online tracking 
  • Professional protection and containerizing of items and shipments

Warehousing & Distribution Solutions for Your Business

When you count on Cord Moving and Storage for all of your warehousing and distribution needs, you can always expect excellence from our trusted team. For all of your warehousing and distribution needs, we offer top-tier solutions backed by over a century of experience, offering only the best solutions for you and your business. Request a free quote online or call us today, and discover incredible services at affordable rates!