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The experienced, professional office movers in St. Louis at Cord Moving & Storage understand everything that is necessary for a smooth, worry-free office or business move. If you work at an office in the St. Louis area or if you own a business and are planning a move, look no further than Cord Moving and Storage.

Unlike a residential move, office moves disrupt the daily activities of a business and require a moving team that understands the unique needs associated with business movers in St. Louis. With the experienced team of successful commercial movers in St. Louis at Cord Moving, your business move will be an organized, seamless experience with limited disruption. Our goal is to get your belongings and office equipment moved as safely, efficiently, and quickly as possible so you and your team can get back to business!

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Professional Office & Business Movers in St Louis

Office equipment, from furniture to desks and computers, must be packed up and moved to your new location in the most cost-effective way possible for an efficient commercial move.  As one of the best  office moving companies in St. Louis, Cord provides office relocation services that include:

Packing and transporting all of your office items

Furniture, computer systems like desktops and laptops, copy machines, delicate I.T. equipment, heavy machinery and furniture, and paper documents, files, and more.

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Full-service installation of everything moved once you’re at the new office.

Our well-trained and certified technicians specialize in all of the big office brands like Haworth, Herman Miller, Knoll, Kimball Intl, Steelcase, Teknion, and many others.

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By choosing Cord Moving and Storage, one of the best commercial moving companies in St.Louis, you avoid the time-consuming labor associated with an office move, allowing you and your team to focus on other important tasks. Our organized team will carefully pick up and transport all of your boxes, furniture, and other items to your new location, unloading and putting your office furniture and equipment where it’s supposed to go at the new office. Our skilled, experienced commercial movers in St. Louis have the right expertise as well as the necessary equipment and supplies to securely pack and transport every office item safely and efficiently. We are proud of the many decades of experience we have moving thousands of business clients, from small to large, in and around the city of St. Louis.

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The commercial office moving services St Louis experts at Cord Moving and Storage knows the importance of an organized plan that includes everything necessary to ensure a seamless office or business move. Whether your St. Louis office move is needed as quickly as possible or a year away, we’ll make sure your office moving St. Louis is completed within budget and on time.

Cord Moving and Storage has years of experience moving businesses and office in and around the city of St. Louis and beyond. When looking for a moving company for your business, call or fill out our free quote form below for our experienced team at 888-295-3374