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Cord Moving and Storage is proud to move our nation’s military. Our goal is to ease the transition into your new home and duty station. To help relieve your stress, we’ve assembled the following documents and links. The documents linked below are PDF files and will open in a new window.


Cord Moving and Storage can assist with your PCS move. When you need to update your permanent change of station, Cord Moving can help. Handling Code D, Code D2, and international moves, Cord Moving is the moving company that can help your military family.military movers

Prior to Loading Day

  • Plan to be present for the estimate, packing, loading, and delivery of your shipment.
  • Leave your home phone service on throughout the entire move process, unless you have supplied us with your cell phone number.
  • Avoid scheduling any other appointments on delivery day so that you can be present with the moving crew at all times.
  • You must arrange to detach and disassemble any items that are attached to the residence with screws or bolts (under-counter appliances, curtain rods, chandeliers, ceiling fans, etc.) before the movers arrive.

Loading Day

  • Review the inventory sheets and make sure all items have inventory stickers on them. Obtain copies of all paperwork you sign.
  • If you are having a partial delivery to your temporary residence before the remainder of your goods go into storage, make sure you request a separate inventory for these items. It is your responsibility to separate and communicate to the moving crew the specifics on these items. In addition, verify that all items for the extra stop are packed and properly tagged separately from the rest of the shipment.
  • When your household goods are loaded, walk through the entire house with the van operator. Check each room, cupboards, drawers, dishwasher, closets, etc. to be certain that everything being shipped is on the moving van. Once you sign the inventories to release your shipment, you are verifying the van operator loaded everything you want to take.
  • If your household goods are being delivered direct, please make sure the Transportation Office at your destination and your customer service representative have your new address and phone number.

Delivery Day

  • On delivery day, obtain the van operator’s copy of the inventory, and check off the items as the shipment is being unloaded. This ensures all items have been delivered. If there are any missing items or damages, make a note on the inventory sheet and the DD1850 document prior to signing. Alert your van operator and customer service representative immediately.
  • If you elect not to have unpacking performed on the day of delivery, it is your responsibility to dispose of the empty boxes. Box pickups after the driver leaves are NOT authorized.
  • When you are ready to schedule your delivery out of storage, please contact the Transportation Office at your destination and your customer service representative at least two to three weeks in advance.

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