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When you find yourself asking your friends, “Do you know of a good moving company near me?” they’re going to point you in the direction of Cord Moving and Storage Company. We first established ourselves in St. Louis, Missouri in 1920 and we’re still here, helping people move, almost 100 years later.

Reasons for our long run of success include our high level of professionalism and the degree of care we take during each and every move.

We provide a wide range of services to St. Louis, Dixon, Memphis, and Belleville. Not only are we prepared to help you with a local move, such as from one end of St Louis to another, and cross-state moves, we provide commercial and residential moving services. Trust us to help you pack, to provide professional commercial moving advice, and more.

For a stress-free moving day to, from, or through St. Louis, contact us! 888-295-3374.

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