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It’s never easy to move to a new location, but the pandemic has made it even more challenging. Your health and safety should always be considered with heightened measures taken when moving during COVID.

The professional movers at Cord Moving and Storage have always made your well-being the top priority. We continue to raise the bar with precautions used during every residential, commercial, and long distance move.

Because we want you to feel comfortable throughout the moving process, our team has compiled a list of seven moving tips you can use to make moving during COVID as safe as possible.

1. Talk to us about your concerns about moving during COVID

Every customer we serve has different needs and we recognize that a personalized moving experience is more important than ever during the pandemic.

The easiest way to prepare for your safe relocation is by discussing any concerns you may have during your initial consultation. This includes notifying your point of contact if anyone in your home may have contracted Coronavirus or are isolating due to potential or confirmed exposure.

Reputable moving organizations are taking precautions to make moving during COVID safe. Cord Moving and Storage has developed a comprehensive safety response to protect you and our staff, and to ensure you still receive the highest level of customer service. We’ve completed more than 1.2 million successful moves during our more than 100 years in business, and have continued that tradition with new safety guidelines during the pandemic.

2. Determine if you can safely move to your new location

It’s essential to keep your family or employees safe when moving during COVID. You don’t want to arrive at your new location and find out about unexpected circumstances.

Ensure that your new home or office space will allow you to move in at this time, as the coronavirus continues to require changes to normal procedures.

It can also be stressful to coordinate movers during the pandemic, especially if you’re relocating far away from where you departed.

When you work with Cord Moving and Storage, you’ll never have to worry. We are part of the northAmerican Van Lines network, with partner organizations who work with us to keep your relocation connected around the world.

3. Keep contact to a minimum

Maintaining your distance, wearing masks, and limiting contact with others through precautions like social distancing measures is vital to keeping your move safe.

We encourage you to take advantage of the many precautions that Cord Moving and Storage offers to help keep contact at a minimum when moving during COVID, including:

  • Online, video and virtual estimations
  • Other distanced planning options

You’ll notice that we are taking precautions to limit contact. You’ll receive big smiles (under our masks) and warm greetings from our staff when you meet with us, however, we will refrain from handshakes for your safety.

4. Clean and disinfect

Before, during and after movers arrive to assist with your relocation, it’s best to keep your home clean to prevent the spread of germs, bacteria, and COVID.

It’s best to regularly wipe down commonly used areas with disinfectant, including doorknobs, countertops, faucets and more. Follow instructions for any cleaning materials you use to avoid hazards.

While not required, Cord Moving and Storage asks that you are courteous with our staff to keep everyone safe. We appreciate access to a sink, soap, water, and paper towels, as well as hand sanitizer.

Our movers also carry supplies to ensure our crews practice cleanliness.

5. Only use new supplies

While it’s common to use old boxes from a local business or extra supplies from a friend under normal relocation circumstances, moving during COVID has made this dangerous.

Use new, fresh supplies to reduce the spread of the virus and to protect yourself and our movers.

This includes:

  • New boxes
  • New packing tape, paper and other supplies
  • Non-recycled materials

Ensuring safety by using items that haven’t been compromised may cost a little more, but there’s no amount of money that supersedes an investment in your health.

6. Plan for packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking

A solid plan for your entire moving experience can help maintain safety. Coordinate your schedule with family or friends who may help with the move and always communicate your plans with us.

We can often give you recommendations and are happy to help with any part of the moving process your need. From packing up your items in your current location, to unpacking in your new home or office space, Cord Moving and Storage is an experienced mover who is here for you.

7. Use extra caution when moving during COVID

Moving day can be stressful when you need to put your relocation plan into action. When completing any tasks, work hard to not compromise your safety or the well-being of your movers.

Take time to wash your hands, avoid gathering in large groups, and continue to clean high contact areas.

Cord Moving and Storage: Your Partner for Moving During COVID

We know that moving during COVID can be difficult, but together we can make your relocation safe and successful! Cord Moving and Storage will take every precaution throughout the moving process. Contact us today to receive a free virtual quote. You can also text (636) 541-0707, call (888) 530-7454 or email to get started.

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