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If you’re like most parents, you chose to sell your home and move in the summer hopefully using Cord Moving and Storage agents for North American Van Lines headquartered in Saint Louis Mo with branches in Memphis TN, Belleville, IL and Dixon MO as a way to reduce the impact the transition will have on your kids. Starting at a new school is almost always easier in the fall, and giving your children time to acclimate to their new surroundings is a great way to reduce anxiety overall.

Now that fall is approaching, however, it’s time to start thinking about the school year and all the changes it will bring. These tips and tricks will help you prepare your young ones for the adventures ahead. your move coordinator can help you with your new city for that is what movers do – make it easy for you.

>   Visit the School Early and Often: The more familiar your kids are with the new school building, the less nervous they’ll be about attending for the first time. Take a tour of the school before it opens, bring little ones to play on the playground, or even just visit the website ahead of time. You’ll all feel better if you know how the school is laid out and how it operates.

>   Be as Prepared as Possible: Find out about all the details ahead of time—things like school supplies, uniforms, codes of conduct, arrival and departure times, and the like. Many schools have this information online; others have it in a school handbook. You can also talk to other parents in your neighborhood. The fewer surprises on the first day of school, the better.

>   Start New Rituals: Get up early and eat breakfast as a family. Have everyone share the thing they’re most afraid of and the thing they’re most looking forward to. Take the scenic route to school and catch some Pokemon on the way. By establishing a morning routine that includes time spent being together as a family, you can reduce a lot of nervousness about school.

>   Get Involved (Yes, You): You might be feeling overwhelmed, what with your new job and a new city to learn, but you can help your kids the most by taking an active part in their education. Go to parent meetings, attend special breakfasts and lunches, and maybe even join the PTA/PTO. Showing that you care is great for your child’s development (even if he or she won’t admit it out loud).

>   Take a Break: If your child is struggling (or even if they’re not), find an activity or reward that’s not school related. It can be a sport, a club, or a project—the what is much less important than the why. By providing a safe outlet that is separate from the school environment, your child can blow off steam and have outside opportunities to assert their independence and happiness.


The most important thing to do is give your children time. It takes a while to adjust to new surroundings, so don’t expect them to be on top of grades, extracurricular activities, making new friends, and keeping their room clean all that first week. By giving your kids room to adapt, they’ll be better able to find their own footing in the new school.

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