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Best Countries for Retirement

After long years of working, retirement is the culmination of your hard work. Once people retire, they are usually seeking rest and relaxation in a place they truly love and enjoy. Although some people stay in the same place they’ve always called home or at least stay in the same country, international moves are becoming increasingly popular among the retired population. For a variety of reasons, relocating to a different country for your retired years can be a wonderful move that has countless benefits. Considering moving out of the country to make the most of your retirement? Learn more about the various factors to consider and the best countries to retire from on a budget!

When it comes to international moving, there are a few different elements to think about before deciding which country should become your new home. First, you’ll want to do some research to determine the cost of living. Once retired, your income will change, so it’s important to make sure your new home will be within your budget. Another item to think about is the country’s visa situation and how hard it will be for you to obtain a visa or residency. You should also review the healthcare quality in the country you want to move to so you can ensure you will have reliable healthcare options available to you while living there. Other factors to consider include safety, climate, and entertainment.

Best Countries for Retirement

  • Costa Rica

Costa Rica, located in Central America, is an incredible retirement option for those seeking an active lifestyle in the midst of nature. With a beautiful landscape to explore and enjoy and a gorgeous tropical climate, you can easily indulge in a relaxing lifestyle by living in Costa Rica. From lush jungles to stunning beaches, there is no shortage of incredible scenery. The country is also not densely populated, allowing you to spread out and find plenty of peace and quiet. Additionally, the cost of living is extremely affordable, making Costa Rica accessible for people with limited budgets.

  • Colombia

Colombia is located in South America and can offer retirees a plethora of enjoyable perks. This country has wonderful healthcare available to its residents, with a system that ranks higher than both the United States and Canada. Colombia is very affordable and has an incredibly simple visa acquisition process, allowing people of many national origins to easily access the country. This gorgeous location has a wide variety of climate options depending on which part of the country you go to. You can visit beaches, mountains, and rainforests, or opt to spend time in the city. Either way, you can enjoy beautiful views and rich culture.

  • Portugal

In Europe, Portugal provides a wonderful retirement option for international travelers. Portugal has many tourist attractions, meaning this option has a bit more hustle and bustle, but there are plenty of perks if you’re looking to have many places to explore during your retirement. With a stunning landscape, a warm climate, and friendly locals, this country offers endless entertainment to enjoy and cultural attractions to appreciate. This is another destination that has low living costs and a great healthcare system.

  • Australia

If you’re looking to venture down under, Australia may just be the perfect spot for your retirement. As an English-speaking country, it will be easier to communicate for those who only speak English. The political climate in this country is stable, and it’s a safe place to reside. Australia is decently affordable to live in, although it is slightly more expensive than the previously mentioned options. There are plenty of large cities in Australia to choose from as your place of residence, and you can enjoy stunning beaches and a warm, dry climate.

  • Spain

Another European destination, Spain has a rich culture to discover with plenty of historical landmarks to visit and learn about. With beaches to relax on and mountains to admire, Spain’s landscape is a sight to behold. This country is cheaper than most other European options, with a low crime rate, reliable healthcare, and an uncomplicated visa process. Living in this Mediterranean region is a wonderful option for many retirees who seek a mix of relaxation and exploration.

International retirement made simple

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