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Every year, millions of people will have to go through the process of finding a new home and moving. Often times, they are relocating for their job, with the vast majority moving during the summer months.

Summer is an ideal time for many people to relocate because their kids are out of school, work schedules tend to be more flexible and weather conditions are favorable. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about 33% of all annual inbound moves take place between June and August.

Resources are scarce during the summertime, especially in recent years with a shortage of drivers, limited shipping capacity and a flooded housing market. With an increased demand for services, moving and storage companies, as well as corporate housing providers, may be fully booked by the time you are ready to move.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help accommodate when relocating during the busy moving season. The best thing you can do to take the stress out of relocating is to provide plenty of notice so your moving company has ample time to make arrangements.

“We are anticipating a big summer for the relocation industry,” said Gary Lee – General Manager for Cord Moving and Storage in Memphis, TN. “We are already seeing capacity tightening for June out of certain areas in the U.S.”

The moving industry has geared up by adding trained professional local crews and increasing their long haul fleet by close to 50%. So Cord Moving and Storage based in Saint Louis with offices in Memphis, TN and Belleville, IL emphasizes the importance of submitting any initiations as early as possible.

If you are moving you need to be flexible when it comes to choosing or assigning moving dates. Weekends and the ends of the month are the busiest times to move, no matter what season. The best way to secure a date that works for both the you and the moving company is to discuss a few options and work together to agree on a final date.

“It would be difficult to schedule delivery within a week of you telling me,” said Wayne Daniels Vice President of Sales. “If we are given three options for either the pack out or delivery, we would be better able to accommodate one of those dates.” So plan ahead and be flexible.

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