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ESTIMATE MOVING EXPENSES WITH CORD MOVING & STORAGE ESTIMATE “Moving on a budget begins with an accurate moving estimate,” says Rich Helton a 27 year moving consultant veteran at Cord Moving and Storage. Cord Moving and Storage is proud to be one of the best St Louis moving companies...

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Packing your belongings and going through the moving day may seem like the most stressful part of moving, but sometimes, unpacking your boxes only to discover items that broke during the move can be even more stressful. Now you have to look for replacement items or mourn the loss...

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Fall Home Maintenance: Why You Need Your Driveway Repaired Selling or just moved into your new home Cord Moving and Storage, a global moving company headquartered in Saint Louis, MO and an Agent for North American Van Lines, offers some Fall Home Maintenance: Driveway Repair advice. Driveways tend to...

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