Cord Moving and Storage Leads in Commercial Moving



Office and plant relocations can be challenging, especially when the goals are to minimize costs and downtime. Cord Moving and Storage can play a vital role in your company’s move by being a fully-engaged partner, managing the project while building lasting value based on an effective business relationship. Whether it’s St. Louis, Dixon, Memphis, or anywhere in between – Cord Moving is the best in commercial moving.

Our moving services include:

  • Project Management
  • Project Design & Planning
  • Cataloguing
  • Asset Inventory Services
  • Office Layout and Space Optimization
  • Copy Center and Mail Room Equipment Prep and Setup
  • Records Retrieval Systems
  • Data Center Migrations
  • Media and Data Migrations
  • IT Asset Management Including Re-Marketing
  • PC Relocation and Configuration
  • Phone Systems Reconfiguration
  • packing and unpacking services
  • Furniture Configuration and Refurbishment
  • Installation Services
  • Library Indexing and Relocations
  • File Systems Reconfiguration
  • Asset Disposal When it comes to moving offices, time is money and experience counts. Cord Moving and Storage has coordinated hundreds of office moving projects.
  • Our commercial moving consultants will be at your side every step of the way to ensure little or no office downtime.

Our institutional moving customers trust Cord Moving and Storage because they know we have the depth and experience to manage moves of virtually any scale, quickly, safely and efficiently. Our service network is unparalleled.Cord Moving and Storage has the moving personnel to coordinate any size and type of move.Cord Moving and Storage has been providing warehousing and distribution services to all types of businesses for more than 50 years. Our commitment to customer service is unparalleled.Cord Moving and Storage brings simple solutions to today’s complex office environment. Our installers are individually trained and certified technicians. We continue with ongoing training so we are able to provide an availability of resources whether the job is months away or last minute.

Commercial Services

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