Quote of The Day from Cord Moving and Storage - December


“We run our business like a game show – produce and you come back, don’t produce and we have some lovely parting gifts for you.”

Author Unknown

There are only 3 more Selling Days in December, the Quarter and the Year!!!

This quote this morning reminded me of what my Pappy use to say all the time, “Wayne, in sales when your feet hit the floor in the morning you are unemployed.” I didn’t get it then but I sure get it now. Every day you have to hit it hard for there is no slacking, there is no crying in selling and there certainly is no room for excuses.

You see, I’ve always declared that success in selling starts with EFFORT.  And, while that is true, it is only partially true.  Here is an example of effort not getting the desired result. I once knew strength and conditioning coordinator at the University of Michigan, he had a young man, Joe that spent more than enough time in the weight room.  Effort was not the issue – focused effort was the issue.  You see, Joe loved to do all the exercises that built his upper body into a massive block of muscle.  Though this was important for him as a defensive lineman, what was as important, if not more important, was leg strength and overall body endurance.  When opponents who had greater leg strength and better endurance faced Joe, they would eventually get the best of him.

In selling, effort starts with prospecting.  However, it isn’t just any prospecting that directly leads to results.  It has to be a focused prospecting effort.  Some of you reading this have heard me say: “The #1 job in successful selling is prospecting.  Prospecting is nothing more than effort.  Everything starts with effort”.  And while that may be true, this statement is more true:

Prospecting – calling on the right people that have a need, are willing to pay you for your value and can change from their current relationship – THAT is the job. THAT is focused effort.  Some of you may have heard me say that as well, I just don’t say it as often as I should – all the time.

Go out and have a great Selling Day and make a difference in at least one person’s life today by staying focused.



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