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There’s something about moving to a new house that cleans the slate and allows you to start over. While it would be wonderful to buy all new furniture and appliances, the reality is that few people have enough money to start everything from scratch. Fortunately, moving time is a great opportunity to spruce up older furniture in ways that are fun, innovative, and functional for your new space. After over 90 years in the moving industry Cord Moving and Storage with offices located in Saint Louis MO, Memphis TN and Belleville IL offers some quick ways to improve your furniture and save money at the same time.

Repainting: Old dressers, bookshelves, end tables, and any other wood or plastic piece of furniture can be redone with a fresh coat of paint. This allows you to color-coordinate your existing pieces or even add functionality. For example, consider chalkboard or dry erase paint for pieces in the kids’ rooms so they double as a coloring surface.

Polish and Elbow Grease: Most wood furniture pieces will start looking worn out over time, but you don’t have to go through the bother of sanding/re-staining or even painting them to make them look new again. Never overlook the benefits of a deep clean and polish.

New Hardware: It’s amazing what a few new drawer pulls can do to spruce up a dresser or upgrade your kitchen cabinets into something modern and fresh. This kind of project is also easily accomplished within a few hours, so you can enjoy a new look without a huge time investment (or DIY skills).

Upholstery: If you have the ability to reupholster things like couches, chairs, or antiques, you can do a complete overhaul of your existing furniture. Dining room chair seats are especially easy, as they involve little more than a fabric square and a staple gun. Don’t have the skills for a full reupholster job? Buy slip covers or even new throw pillows, which can breathe life into that tired sofa.

Outdoor Furniture: Most outdoor furniture sets start to look weathered over time. A new coat of water-resistant spray paint (especially in bright, bold colors) can give them new life.

Wallpaper: Wallpaper doesn’t have to just stick to walls. Because of its ability to adhere to many different surfaces, wallpaper can provide a great way to upgrade furniture. Any larger piece that you want to upgrade can benefit from a few pieces cut and fitted to the sides or back. This works especially well if you want to add interesting patterns to your décor. Removable wallpaper that can be repositioned or switched when you get tired of it is a great way to update shelves and the sides or backs of bookcases.

Molding: Molding is usually added to the tops and bottoms of walls to give architectural interest to a room, but it can also add interest to bookshelves, dressers, and other large pieces. In fact, you can even use the molding to provide a seamless built-in look by attaching it to both furniture and wall.

Enjoy your new home, your new town and your furniture that now looks like new.




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