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Improve winning in sales for the relocation industry through better honorable deal management.

It’s in a salesperson’s nature to get excited about closing new business moving people and their families across this great world of ours. Winning a new client is a reason to celebrate. But, when looking for revenue opportunities, sticking close to home can have its advantages. Your current accounts would be a good place to start. You know their relocation –  moving business issues, you know why they decided to do business with you in the first place, and you have established relationships. When new leads – and resources – are scarce, the ability to drive new revenue from existing clients can be a great way to help ensure success. Are you confident that you’ve already uncovered the full potential from your existing client base? There are likely current needs your client has that you could be pursuing. You should approach helping an existing client with the same enthusiasm as you approach new clients.

Maintaining strong relationships with current accounts provides two key benefits:

  • You retain the existing business
  • You uncover new opportunities

This is not accomplished through just periodic check-ins or great customer service after the sale; it requires an ongoing commitment from you as you approach the moving industry and sales of these services as a honorable profession.

As opportunities become scarce, competition increases, so are you doing enough to protect that account? In this marketplace you can’t differentiate by moving services offering, you must differentiate yourself by the way you sell and the unique value you can provide. A salesperson who can understand a client’s moving business issues and help craft solutions that help the client succeed are valued and rewarded. Differentiate yourself through your ability to be a well-informed, trusted business resource. When you help your clients achieve their objective you both will win.

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