Cord Moving and Storage Takes the Stress out of Relocation


“You must open yourself up to turning stress into customer service success.” ~ Dr. Rick Kirschner

There are only 13 more Selling Days in August and 34 remaining in the Quarter!!!

No question about it: You can’t please all the people all the time! And because you’re a professional, it’s understandable that your negative experiences with customers are a source of concern for you. Yet customer stress is a leading cause of employee stress in both sales and service! The question is, what can you do to strengthen and protect yourself from stress while satisfying your challenging customers and winning their loyalty?

Although stress takes many forms and comes from many sources, its common element is that it begins with a threat to something deemed important, whether that’s meeting a quota, living within a budget, returning a call on time, getting support when you need help, or keeping a promise. And regarding your specific stress response, I have some good news and some bad news.

The bad news is that poorly managed stress can cause headaches, ulcers, depression, alcohol and drug abuse, back pain, stomach problems, insomnia and almost anything else unpleasant that you can think of. Worse yet, stress can create a domino effect in your relationships with others, where one stressful moment leads to another in ever-lengthening chains of reaction.  The good news is that stress begins inside of you rather than outside of you, and there are ways to manage it effectively! When your challenge is to deliver exceptional customer service to customers who are caught up in the chains of reaction, you need a method for shifting gears and turning things around, before, during and after the event! So I personally do not stress about becoming stressed out – and as my Pappy use to say, “not to worry, everything will just turn out terrible.”

Go out and have a Great Selling Day and make a difference in at least one person’s life today.

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