Cord Moving and Storage Announces a Seasonal Storage Solution


Cord Moving and Storage has developed a unique solution for those that have to store Christmas decorations, patio furniture or other seasonal items – come store it with us. The owner of Cord Moving Steve Ryan realized that there are many people that had the same storage issue as he did with seasonal items such as Christmas decorations, patio furniture etc. That is when he realized everyone who had the same problem as him  that his company – Cord Moving and Storage could offer the service to the public to help them out.  That is when our Seasonal Storage Solutions idea came to light and when Cord Moving  decided to offer this great service solution for:    Seniors who have downsized – Condo dwellers with limited storage room – Elderly people who are at risk of getting hurt – Wives with lazy husbands – people with bad backs – older homes with limited available storage space (St. Louis Hills, Kirkwood, Webster Groves)  and widows.

It’s a great gift for grandparents or parents who can’t get around as well as they used to as well as homeowners with limited space.  It’s the answer for “what do I give the guy that has everything?”  The answer is easy:  space, sanity and convenience.

According to professional organizers, Christmas storage is the second largest issue most households are faced with and appears to comprise up to 50% of all items stored in available storage space in a home so Cord’s seasonal storage solution is the solution and it costs a fraction of other storage options and best of all is you don’t have to do that chore every year and be left with no room to store anything else the rest of the year.

Its only $50 for Cord Moving to pick up and then $50 for Cord Moving to deliver it is as simple as that.  We  charge by the plastic tote so you are only paying for the actual storage space you are utilizing.  We are calling it “Cord Moving’s Seasonal Storage Solution”

Cord Moving and Storage have been in business since 1920 and employs over 200 employees right here in St. Louis which is a family owned company run by Steve Ryan after taking over from Steve’s father Martin. Cord Moving provides interstate moving. Intrastate moving, local moving, commercial relocations, international moves and storage so this idea was a natural fit.

Cord, through its subsidiary The File Room a national board certified record storage facility which performs comprehensive background checks on all employees prior to entering customers’ homes handles millions of bar coded items for several hundred clients in St. Louis  already and maintains the highest level of security so solving your storage needs by freeing up space, providing you more free time and providing peace of mind not only during the Christmas season but all year long is a must on your wish list.

Here is what you need to know;  it is a mere $50 to pickup / $50 to drop off within 20 miles of our facility — you pay by the tote so there is no wasted space which is a fraction of the cost of a storage unit or other portable storage options. Call at (314)595-0505 or visit our website at

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