Sales Advice: Competing for Your Prospect's Attention


How are you competing for your prospect’s attention?    

In the moving industry we have found at Cord Moving and Storage a North American Agent – Corporate decision-makers aren’t just struggling with an immense workload. Every single day they’re bombarded with thousands of marketing messages coming at them from every direction — television, road signs, radio, online … mail, voice mail and more. No matter what they do, they can’t escape. There is literally no escape from this constant overload.

The noise from these pervasive and intrusive marketing practices has become unbearable to your prospective customers. They ignore unsolicited attempts to capture their aattention. They disregard claims of superiority or differentiation, viewing it as marketing puffery created for the sole purpose of manipulation. Corporate buyers are also incredibly savvy regarding their options. They know that products or services like yours are available everywhere — and probably at a lower cost. From their perspective, most everything is a commodity. Cynicism reigns supreme. The only thing that seems to counteract it is real customer stories with actual tangible, measurable results that meet or exceed their expectations. It is important to be prepared, be knowledgeable, be professional and make sure that you have solutions when you meet with your prospects – clients.

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