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For many years, Cord Moving & Storage has been helping people move to and from Waterloo, IL.  Our experts are highly skilled, and each of our professionals understands that your belongs are important to you.  As such, we care for your items as though they are our very own.  We offer a full menu of services ranging from residential moves to international relocation, and we’re happy to help you pick up your moving pieces along the way.

The following information will help you understand more about our most frequently requested services:

Residential.  Some of our clients are moving from one small apartment to another while others are transitioning from house to home.  We don’t think any move is too big or too small; in fact, we welcome each opportunity as a challenge to show our clients how fantastic our skills are.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve already packed all your boxes, and you just need a little help getting them to your new home, or if you need assistance with the entire moving process, with our coverage of cities like Creve Couer, Missouri, we have teams in place that can get the job done.

Among our residential moving services, we offer:

  • Local Moves
  • Long Distance Moves
  • Small Moves
  • Large Moves
  • Shipment Tracking via WORLDTRAC®

Commercial.  Moving your team to St. Louis? You need a moving company in St. Louis! Changing office locations can be tricky; you need to make sure your data and files are secure while you simultaneously keep an eye on furniture and high-dollar equipment that needs to find its way to the new space, too.  Fortunately for you, our professionals are up to the task.  We can help you transport computer systems, office setups, and business materials.

The following are just some of the commercial services we offer to our clients:

  • Project Management
  • Cataloging
  • Office Layout & Space Optimization
  • Asset Disposal
  • Records Retrieval Systems
  • Data Center Migration
  • PC Relocation & Configuration
  • Phone System Configuration
  • Packing & Unpacking
  • File Systems Reconfiguration
  • Project Design & Planning
  • Asset Inventory Services
  • Copy Center & Mail Room Equipment Prep & Setup
  • Media & Data Migration
  • IT Asset Management (including re-marketing)

Storage & Warehousing.  Whether you need extra space for your home goods or your company’s documents need safe storage space, Cord Moving & Storage can help you.  Our storage and warehousing solutions are perfect for any sized job, offering you a safe and secure space that is protected from fire and theft.

The following are just a few examples of the ways our clients utilize our storage & warehousing services:

  • Household Goods Storage – Furniture is inventoried, containerized, palletized, padded, and shrink-wrapped.  All personal items are stored within vaults in one of our modern warehouse facilities.
  • Commercial Storage – We can store anything your business needs to keep nearby but out of sight.  Our facilities are strategically located throughout the U.S., making it easy for your items to be accessible when needed.
  • Document Storage – Our document storage solution allows our clients to free up essential space within their walls without losing track of important paperwork.
  • Outdoor & Uncovered Storage – This is a great option for RVs, boats, and other vehicles.  Each space can accommodate vehicles up to 70′ in length.

International Moving.  Moving to or from another country takes a good amount of logistical planning.  Cord has assisted with:

  • Military Moves
  • Import/ Export Management Services
  • Container Moves

To learn more about all that Cord Moving & Storage Co. can do to make your move easier, contact our team today!