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Germantown home and business owners know that Cord Moving & Storage is Shelby County’s trusted and reliable solution for residential, commercial and specialty moving projects. Our Memphis movers offer the most comprehensive relocation services in the Memphis area and are dedicated to making every move seamless and stress-free. Proudly serving home and business owners for nearly 100 years, we specialize in local, long-distance and international relocation. Call us today to learn more about our professional relocation, warehousing and storage services.

Residential services

Your family doesn’t need to endure the work and worry of moving entails. We know that moving is difficult and stressful. That is why Cord Moving & Storage is dedicated to providing your family with the most comprehensive residential relocation services in the area. Our crews are carefully trained and equipped with the latest technology to make your move as seamless as possible. We carefully pack and transport your valuable possessions and use special packing materials to keep electronics, musical instruments, and antiques safe during transport. The service includes handling all the details for international, long-distance and local relocation. We will even ship motorcycles, boats and automobiles to your new home. Call us today for a free estimate before your next move.

Commercial services

Moving a business is usually a lot more complicated than a residential relocation. Business relocation projects require careful scheduling and planning to avoid causing unnecessary disruption and confusion. Cord Moving & Storage specializes in commercial relocation and work at times that are most convenient to your business needs. No project is too large or too small for us to handle. Our commercial relocation professionals are skilled at moving an office across town or your entire company to a new home in another country. We take special care to package safely and deliver expensive office electronics, laboratory equipment and fragile items. Call today to learn more about our comprehensive suite of commercial relocation and storage services. Our consultant will be happy to help you with all the needed logistics, planning and execution to complete your relocation to your satisfaction.

International services

Moving your family or business to another country is always complicated and stressful. There seems to be thousand details to handle and documentation to file. Call us for a free estimate and consultation before beginning your overseas relocation. Our consultants will sit down with you and help you carefully plan every detail so that moving to another country is as easy as moving across the street.

Storage and warehousing

Sometimes you just have more items than you have space for. Call Cord Moving & Storage today to handle all your storage and warehousing needs. We offer Shelby County’s best warehouse and storage solutions for our residential and commercial customers. Inside our climate controlled warehouse facility, your items will be carefully inventoried and palletized for storage. Our facility is protected by the latest 24-hour video surveillance technology. We also provide storage for boats, RVs and other large equipment.

Specialty services

Our company provides a wide range of storage, transport and delivery services. Part of that service is the careful packing, transport, and delivery of expensive fine art/museum collection items. We take special care to protect your fragile, valuable items.