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Weekend Projects

Once you have moved in thanks to Cord Moving and Storage and you’ve arranged the furniture in your new home and unpacked all your stuff, you will start finding things around the house that could use some updating, or discover that one thing that just doesn’t work with. You may even discover that something you were lukewarm about before you moved in is, now that you live with it, just about the ugliest thing ever. It is now time for weekend projects that can spruce up your home.

Every home has things that are less than optimal – especially apartments – but with a little work, these can be remedied. We’re not talking major work, but simple projects that can transform an outdated room, or just make it more your style. Here are five ideas for updating your new home over the weekend.


Be Creative

Cover the things you don’t like. Nothing can dramatically change a room like paint, whether it’s a fresh coat of white on the walls, an accent wall to draw the eye away from awkward features, or a new trim color on window frames, baseboards and other trim. Pro-tip: Most people know that in rooms with a low ceiling, painting the walls a darker color and the ceiling white will make the room feel taller, but did you know that in narrow rooms with high ceilings, painting the walls white and the ceiling a darker color will make the room feel larger? If you aren’t able to paint, you still have options. Create accent walls using removable wallpaper, vinyl decals, or by stapling fabric panels to drywall.

Can’t afford to remodel, or have a bland rental kitchen? There are lots of small projects that can transform your kitchen. Repaint scuffed or stained cabinets, and remove the upper cabinet doors for an open shelving look. You can also swap out knobs and drawer pulls for something that’s more your style.  Update the faucet for something that’s both more stylish and more functional. (Renters: Save the old faucets and drawer pulls and replace them when you move out.)


In the bathroom, you can also make small improvements. Replace the bathroom faucets, install a great showerhead, and add shelving and other storage. Replacing a worn or dated medicine cabinet with a new one (or with just a mirror) can also be a quick and easy update. If the tile floor is grungy, cleaning the grout may help bring it back to life.


Update the Lighting

Want to see your home in a better light? Update the lighting. Whether you swap out overhead lights for something more dramatic, add a chandelier over your kitchen counter, or put up new sconces in the bedroom or bathroom, remember to provide task lighting and general lighting. Living rooms and bedrooms benefit from three light sources, so if you have rooms with just an overhead light, add sconces or lamps. (Renters: Just save the old lights and replace before you move.)

While not as fun to show off as kitchen or bathroom updates, the weekend project that may help you get the most from your new home is getting it organized. Whether it’s setting up a mudroom or entry so you and your family get out the door quickly in the morning and have a place to put things when you come home, or taking the time to put up closet organizers and shoe bins, you’ll be rewarded with a home that is easier to manage.

Not sure where to begin on your home? Sites like Apartment Therapy and Design Sponge are a great place to.

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