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Moving into a new home can be stressful and costly. Even with careful planning, moving by yourself includes many hidden costs. In fact, when you crunch the numbers, hiring a moving company is more cost-effective and less frustrating. Consider these ten hidden costs as you plan your move.



  • Truck Rental Unless you or a friend own a pickup truck, you will probably need to rent a truck or a trailer. Different rental companies charge different fees, but you should probably anticipate paying a flat rate and per mile. You may also need to pay for insurance for the rental vehicle and a dolly.
  • Fuel No matter what vehicle you use to move your treasures, you’ll have to pay for fuel. Gas will be a required cost, whether you use your car, a friend’s, or a rental vehicle.
  • Depending on the distance you have to cover and the number of trips required, gas can add up fast!
  • Packing material Although you may be able to scavenge boxes for free, most people end up having to buy at least some packing material like tape or bubble wrap. If you’re moving a substantial distance, it will be especially important to invest in sturdy packing supplies that protect your valuables.
  • Compensating Friends – Friends often get enlisted to help with moves. Helping someone move is rarely fun, so you should probably plan to bribe your friends a bit. Offering to buy pizza and beer for dinner as well as having some snacks and drinks on hand during the move are kind gestures.





  • Medical Costs – Ideally, you’ll be able to handle your move without any injuries, but there’s always a chance that something could go awry. Heavy lifting, maneuvering bulky objects, and driving while you’re stressed are all threats to moving safety that could lead to costly medical bills.


  • Replacing Items One of the first steps in moving is purging your house of unwanted items. You’ll probably toss out refrigerated items and other old food. Things like old brooms, toilet bowl brushes, dirty rugs, and beat up furniture often get chucked too. The downside is that you’ll have to replace these items later.


  • Lost Time at Work When it’s time to move, you may need to take a few days off to move, get organized, and recover from the exhaustion. This will lead to lost wages or, at the very least, you’ll have to use your hard-earned vacation days.


  • Accommodations If you have some lag time between your move-out and move-in dates, you may need to pay for a hotel. This is also true if you plan to move a substantial distance away and will need to make a multi-day road trip. Finding suitable accommodations for your family and your pets can get costly ~ fast.


  • Storage Many people end up having to store some items while moving. This is especially true if you are moving from a bigger place into a smaller one. Although storage units can be found for reasonable prices, the cost still adds up. Fees and Deposit Moving can feel like you are being repeatedly nickel and dimed. New homes often require deposits to get utilities turned on, HOA fees, pet deposits, and more. Plus, you may end up with some lingering fees and costs from your old place, especially if you rent. Get a better sense of moving costs to answer your question: “How much do moving companies cost?” by calling Cord Moving for a free moving quote. 





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