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Long distance moving isn’t an easy task and requires a lot of planning and attention to detail to make it work. After all, this process involves many different moving parts that all need to come together for the big-picture process to work.

Because long-distance or interstate moving can be a bit more complicated than local moving, you’ll need to prepare as much as possible for relocation of this magnitude – especially if you’re moving your entire household or family. This process requires the best communication and efficiency so that not only you can have the most successful move, but so that your movers have everything they need to transport your items to your new home safely and quickly.

When you have the right plan in place to take on a long-distance move, you ensure the safety and security of your items while keeping yourself in the loop and your wallet spared from unnecessary expenses.

Starting the preparation process for long-distance moving can seem confusing or a little convoluted to take on by yourself. That’s why it’s important to have the right movers on your side for your entire relocation process. Having quality movers who have your best interests in mind will not only let you receive the best prices for your move but will let you receive flexible services tailored to fit your extra long-distance moving needs.

How to Choose the Right Interstate Movers

Choosing the right professional moving company will set you up for success from the start of your move until the finish. If you’re looking for a company that brings affordable and quality into one sphere, Cord Moving and Storage Company will provide you with the moving experience that having over 100 years of experience in the relocation industry will bring you.

At Cord, we know how important it is to have cost-effective moving packages available to you so that you get the right prices and aren’t paying for anything more than what you need our services for. From residential moving and storage to office moving, to long-distance and international moving services for homes and businesses alike, Cord can do it all. Additionally, our 100 years in business have afforded us the ability to translate that experience with so many different types of moves directly to you.

By using long-distance movers with a century’s worth of moves under our belts, you’ll be able to be confident in our reputation and services and will head into your cross-country moving experience with the right moving company on your side.

At Cord Moving and Storage Company, we only offer our clients the best quality moving experiences from start to finish. From the moment you call us and employ our services, to when your delivery driver leaves after having helped your crew unload and set up your items in your new home, you’ll never wonder whether you’re getting the best service – you’ll know you are. Discover what Cord Moving and Storage can do for you today.

Tips for Long Distance Moving

Now that you know how best to choose the right long-distance or interstate professional moving company, it’s time to get your moving process started.

As we said before, long-distance moving can be quite a complicated process that requires the highest levels of preparedness to ensure its success. In addition to having the right movers lined up, you’ll also want to look into the following tips to make sure every aspect of your packing and the moving journey is completely taken care of. So how do you make sure your interstate move goes smoothly? Let’s find out!

    • Book the Best Long-Distance Movers Early

You know how to look for the best professional moving company for your long-distance move, but if you don’t allow enough time to get the best of their services (especially during the peak moving season), you could miss out on your opportunity to work with the best company. Even if you do manage to book the right moving company, you might not be able to get the date you want for your move due to them being nearly booked up for the season.

The best way to stay prepared and to have the best moving day possible (and the best moving company possible!) for your relocation is to book your movers as soon as possible. This is only more important between April and September, which are concerned with the peak moving season.

During this time, when many people are moving around, moving services that are not booked out can be hard to come by. Make sure you’re working with the right company as soon as you decide to move. Ideally, try to book out your movers two or three months ahead of your moving day to work with the best long-distance movers.

    • Prepare Children & Pets

If you have children or pets, you’ll need to prepare them for your relocation as much as possible. For children, try to talk to them and be as transparent with them about the move as early as possible. This will let them get out their annoyance or any questions they might have well ahead of their actual moving day and will let you avoid any moving day blowups. This will also give them time to adjust and get excited about moving!

When it comes to pets, try to keep them in their normal routine leading up to moving day, even if you’re running around and trying to do last-minute packing. Your pets will sense and see that something is off, and can easily be stressed or anxious about these changes. Try to give them a little extra love in the days leading up to your move, and make sure they feel secure and safe.

Come moving day, keep both children and pets as safe and out of the way as possible. When your moving crew is running around your house with heavy boxes or bulky furniture, having children or anxious pets running loose in the house will only put everyone at risk for injury, but will also make them more anxious. Try to leave them with family or friends while you get things out of the house and into the moving truck, and go back to get them once it’s time to hit the road!

    • Start the Decluttering & Packing Process

Now that you’ve booked your movers and have started easing children and pets into the idea of a long-distance move, it’s time to start the packing process itself.

Packing can be hard enough to manage, without a ton of items that you don’t want or use, giving you more work to do and driving up the price of your relocation. Remember, your moving company charges by weight! The best way to schedule your packing process and keep things affordable, easy, and under control is by decluttering before doing anything else!

Clear out your closets, cabinets, and anything you keep long-forgotten equipment, tools, or just random items to go through your things and figure out what’s getting booted and what’s coming along. Go for storage spaces initially, and then work through items in each respective room in your house or apartment.

Taking a more segmented and organized approach will keep your entire process efficient, and will make decluttering and packing as a whole significantly less stressful. When determining what to keep and what to throw away, think about whether or not you actually want, use, or need any of these things. You can also use the ‘3-month rule’ which is when you get rid of any piece of clothing or item that you haven’t used or worn in the past 3 months and don’t intend to in the future.

Decluttering and packing alike can seem like very stressful or overwhelming processes that will still leave you scrambling at the last minute. It doesn’t have to be that way, however, by taking things room by room and creating a timeline or schedule for your decluttering and packing process, you’ll be good to go by moving day – and will have a cheaper move as a result!

When it comes to tackling a long distance move, Cord Moving and Storage Company know a thing or two about what we’re talking about. Having conducted thousands of moves over the past 100 years we’ve been in business, we’re able to learn more from these experiences and from our respective clients to provide future ones like you with their best move yet.

Remember, when it comes to long-distance moving, it’s all in the plan. Start early and be thorough. Having an efficient and practical moving vision will let you stay as organized and prepared as possible for your move, and will also allow you to be informed and communicative with your crew and driver regarding your needs and how each should be packed up.

Want the best long distance moving services for you and your household? Cord Moving and Storage Company has exactly the services you’ve been looking for at the right prices. Learn more about us or receive a free quote today.

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