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The advice on packing for an international move is a bit different from conventional packing advice. In most moving situations, an emphasis is given on cutting down and making moving lighter. But moving internationally is a whole lot different. In a new country you need your place to feel like home, and for that, you need to take familiar belongings with you. Before you can decide on what to pack, you need to consider the particulars of your move, mainly the duration of your stay and the country you are moving to. That’s where the experts at Cord Moving and Storage can help visit the web site for more helpful moving tips.

The second factor that affects what you take with you is the shipping cost. International shipping is expensive and taking all of your belongings can be expensive. Apart from the cost, handling excessive luggage in a foreign country is also tiring and stressful. Unpacking a large shipment can be a nightmare. So let’s break down international packing tips topic-wise:

How long are you staying?
If you are only going for six months or a year, it is a good idea to travel light and only take a few cherished belongings. This may be a piece of furniture or a book collection. In a new country, it is important to have a sense of homeliness. A totally alien environment can cause serious home-sickness and loneliness. That’s why if you are moving permanently or for a long period of time, take plenty of personal belongings with you and make your new home as familiar as possible.

Where are you going?
This is an important question. If the country you are going to is one that you are familiar with or have always been fond of, you may enjoy the new atmosphere and would like to adopt a new lifestyle. In such a case you can safely opt to leave plenty of your belongings behind. However, do take along some familiar furniture or other items just in case.

What company to pick?
In your hunt for an international moving company, you will come across several companies who will boast on their reputation, others on their service and some on their cheap rates. However, the best moving company is not always the most expensive. Call the company and ask questions relating to your move. Go in-depth and get clear cut terms and conditions. A good company such as Cord Moving (800) 873-2673 who are Agents for North American Van Lines with global offices will always speak to the point and provide clear details and costs and customs requirements.

What items must you pack?
There are some essential items that you should definitely pack to last you a couple of months such as medicines and toiletries. In your new country, it may take time to find a good doctor and get prescriptions. Shipments from home can also take time which is why you should have a medical stock in place. Remember that your international shipment may come days after you arrive, so you need to take things you need during the first few weeks in hand. This includes clothes, bed sheets, towels, shoes and other similar items of daily use. It is also a good idea to take electronic items like laptops and cell phones with you as they will probably be more expensive in the new country. 

Moving internationally and no idea what to do? The International moving experts at Cord Moving and Storage will help. Our moving tips and guides will help you every step of the way, from choosing the moving company to packing up your goods and making this huge step much easier.



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