What Not to Pack When Moving? Items that You Should Leave Behind


Knowing what to keep and what to leave behind during a move can be a bit mind-boggling at times, especially if you’re amidst the packing process already. Staying organized is tough enough, but it can be even hard when you’re still trying to sort through your things.


Remember, sorting through your items and getting rid of things will make things so much easier in the long run when it comes to your actual moving process. Of course, we know that letting go of things can be difficult, but going through all of your things well before it comes time to pack everything up will let you have time to say goodbye and make a truly well-formed decision about keeping or leaving behind items. Plus, starting early can let you consider what will help or hurt you come moving day, and can make the decluttering aspect of the packing process much easier.


What Not to Pack When Moving

When determining what to leave behind during a move and what to keep, you should always make a list of what the item(s) in question are, how much you use them, how expensive they were, and how easy they might be to replace. If you’re torn over a cheap item that you don’t use and is easy to replace, toss it! You can always get it again later on if you decide you want to down the line. Wondering what some prime items to cut down on are? We’ve got some suggestions for things to get rid of before a move. 


  • Clothing: It’s easy to end up with too many clothes in any situation, but when moving, over-packing clothing can turn into a nightmare. Get rid of anything you don’t regularly use, and keep your go-to and regularly worn items. 


  • Heavy Items: Don’t make your move harder than it has to be by lugging around heavy books, appliances, or electronics you don’t use, or other household items that are heavy, bulky, and easy to accumulate.


  • Garage Items: Clear out your garage first to take care of it and get rid of all of the items that may have accumulated in it. This space is bound to be full of unwanted and forgotten stuff that you can otherwise sell or get rid of, so take care of it sooner rather than later. 


  • Old Furniture: Moving to a new place is a great way to start fresh and get some new furnishings and revamp your furniture style. Take advantage of the unique opportunity while making your move so much easier by donating or selling the old furniture that doesn’t fit you anymore.


When decluttering or organizing, it might be tempting to oversimplify and just get rid of everything, that would just be overcorrecting instead of just clearing out the things that won’t work in your new home. Stay organized, and you’ll be good to go!


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