When Moving You Can Have Fun With Pokemon Go on the go


“Are we there yet? Can I have a sweet? Can I have another sweet? Can I have another sweet when we get there then? When are we getting there? Are we there yet? I WANT A SWEET!

When moving from one state to another with children can be marvelous fun, as you explore the world, open their minds and realize that it’s your turn in I Spy just as a 17th-century three-masted Mediterranean trading ship moves into view. Fun for all the family and hopefully using Cord Moving and Storage agents for North American Van Lines for that move.

But there is something new sweeping the country – the world for that matter – so welcome to the extraordinary new virtual world of Pokémon Go -an addictive new app that’s blurring the lines between reality and fantasy with its use of augmented reality technology and, in the process, causing the world to go into a Pokémon Frenzy!

You think I’m being overly dramatic, don’t you? I’m not. Pokemon Go was launched just last week in Australia, New Zealand and the USA and further rollout is currently suspended due to overwhelming demand. That’s right! It is TOO popular and is breaking the game’s servers.

For those not in the know, Pokémon Go may appear to be a game exclusively for kids, but the reality is there’s more adults playing this interactive game than children. Which makes it important for parents to get up-to-speed with what it is and how it works to ensure our kids remain safe while joining in the fun while traveling to their new home so many miles away sometimes to another State.

Because fun is the only way to describe Pokémon Go, which is destined to go down in history as THE biggest social phenomenon of 2016. So here is Cord Moving‘s advice – power up, parents! And let’s go catch us some Pokémon!!!

But wait you say, what is ‘Pokémon’?

Pokémon – ‘pocket monsters’ – are small, fictional creatures with their own set of unique talents, quirks and attributes. They are collected by Pokémon Trainers who capture them and train them up to use in battle against other Trainers as we all were coached by a colleague yesterday after a conference call.

Pokémon was created by a Japanese video game programmer Satoshi Tajiri and first featured in two hugely popular Nintendo Game Boy video games in 1996, giving rise to what is now considered to be the second most successful game-based franchise of all time (Mario Brothers takes out first place).

The success of the Pokémon video games of the mid-90s gave rise to an extensive array of other games, products and media, including trading cards, an iconic cartoon series, feature-length movies and branded merchandise in every conceivable guise.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Pokémon, which the franchise is celebrating with the release of the virtual game Pokémon Go, along with a number of other exciting new Pokémon games and initiatives which will make the journey to your new hometown more enjoyable keeping both the parents and the kids occupied so that they are not always asking, “ARE WE THERE YET”.



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