How to Donate Your Used Items While Moving ?


Moving is always going to come with new opportunities to create a new space and utilize a new style and design when laying out your new rooms. Living in a new space also requires removing furniture or bulky items to either adapt to this new space or switch out your existing furniture with types that just work better with your current lifestyle or interests.

When it comes time to declutter your home and figure out what to do with the items you won’t be taking with you (beyond even just furniture), you should always look into donating clothes or furniture to local charities or donation centers so that your old items can help a good cause.

The Importance of Donating Clothes Pre-Move

One of the most integral parts of the packing process is the decluttering process you need to go through. This entails getting rid of any clothes, items, or furniture that you don’t use or don’t actually like, to make your move easier, cheaper, and simpler. This also goes for furniture and other items that just might not be able to fit into your new space.

One of the easiest things to sort through and eliminate during your decluttering process are clothes you don’t want or use. After all, even though you might still like them, it’s pretty easy to tell what clothes you get used out of, and which are just hanging listlessly in your home.

Clearing out clothes you don’t use or want anymore will make your packing process a lot easier, and will also give you much more room in your new closet to get new items that will suit you better! Getting rid of your clothes before a move also allows you to let others benefit from them, give them to those who need them, or just give them to those who will be able to appreciate them a little more.

When it comes to decluttering clothing, never just throw things out or get rid of them without being mindful of wastefulness. There are tons of people of good clothing or furniture out there who can really benefit from the items you’re getting rid of. If you’re interested in donating to the homeless with your extra or cleared-out clothes, here are some suggestions for clothing charities to donate to:

If you’re looking for clothing donations for women’s shelters, Women in Distress could be a good option to let your old clothes go to somebody who is in need of assistance following escape from domestic violence or an abuse situation. 100% of this organization’s net proceeds go toward emergency shelter efforts, therapy services, and other programs.

AMVETS helps to support millions of veterans across the United States through donations of clothing, furniture, and more. This organization helps veterans get their benefits from the government and also runs advocacy and leadership programs to help disadvantaged veterans, as well as just to aid in elevating the quality of life of veterans and their families nationally.

In addition to making clothing donations, you can also donate furniture, electronics, and more to help discharged and active duty veterans.

Vietnam Veterans of America devotes their donation profits from the sale of donated clothes and furniture to help Vietnam War veterans, as well as to creating outreach and service programs for veterans suffering from substance abuse, homelessness, and incarceration. They accept clothes, furniture, electronics, and more.

How to Donate Furniture?

When it comes to donating old or gently used furniture before your move, you might not know how you’re going to get your items to a donation center or another location to give them to someone who might benefit from it. The idea that you’re unable to transport furniture to a charity or donation center, or that these places don’t have methods to pick up these larger or bulkier items from you is the reason why a lot of people just tend to throw out a lot of furniture when they move.

However, there are tons of charities that will pick up the furniture from you at no cost. This will let you make a charitable donation and a difference for those in need, while also not having to worry about moving your items yourself or just having to deal with the bulk trash parameters or requirements for throwing them out even.

So where can you donate furniture or bulky items before your move? The following are some great nonprofits and charities that can coordinate pickup for you while allowing you to easily give back to your community! Keep in mind, that we’re listing more national organizations who will provide you with furniture pickup, but you might also be able to coordinate similar services from a more local charity as well.

Just as is the case with clothing donations, GoodWill will use the donation of your furniture to sell and help provide job training, employment services, language training, and childcare services to people in local communities, and will also put profits toward programs in your community.

Beyond just clothes and furniture, GoodWill will also accept bulky items like exercise equipment and even cars – even if they’re not in working condition and will coordinate free pickup for you.

This organization provides safe and affordable access to housing for families in need. They also run neighborhood revitalization projects, help seniors with their homes, and create shelters for those displaced from natural disasters. Habitat for Humanity provides free scheduled furniture donation pickups and uses its profits to help build and restore homes for families in need.

Out of the Closet is a thrift store chain owned by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. This organization provides AIDS patients with medical, preventative, and educational resources, and is the largest nonprofit provider of HIV/AIDS healthcare, research, and education.

This organization uses the profits from clothing and furniture donations to fund and benefit the AIDS Healthcare Foundation and run the foundation’s programs, research, and testing efforts for HIV/AIDS.

Beyond these individual programs, you can also find local charities for clothes and furniture donations through databases like and GreenDrop. This will let you find local charities to give back to your community directly.

Beyond just the benefits that donating to the homeless or contributing old clothes or furniture to these charitable organizations will bring to those they’re helping, you’ll also be able to know you’re helping out your community and those in need through just having a responsible moving process!

Always try to give these organizations clothes and furniture that aren’t too run down, or those in poor condition. If your items are in a poor state, see if you can donate them to an organization that will effectively recycle them.

When it comes to having a responsible moving process, make sure you also have a community-conscious professional moving company on your side for your relocation. See what Cord Moving & Storage can do for you and your move after your decluttering process is through!

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