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If you’re getting ready to pack up and move to a new home, chances are you have a household full of old furniture, outgrown clothes, discarded toys, and unused tech. The things we accumulate over a lifetime never seem quite as overwhelming as they do when getting ready to pack up a house and start over someplace new.

The most cost-effective way to dispose of these items is to hold a garage sale. Not only will someone else be hauling the items away for you, but they’ll pay you for the privilege! Cord Moving and Storage an Agent for North American Van Lines with offices in Saint Louis MO, Memphis TN, Belleville IL and Dixon MO can provide tips on hosting a garage sale that takes some time and coordination on your end, so start planning early. Here’s how.

  • Create an Inventory: In order to hold a garage sale, you need items to sell. The more you have (and the better your big-ticket items are), the more successful your sale will be. If you don’t have enough to hold a garage sale on your own, consider partnering with family members, friends, or neighbors


  • Find the Anchor Pieces: When you advertise a garage sale, there are certain items that will pull people out faster than others. “Block” sales or “multi-family” sales are great because they promise so much more inventory. Certain pieces of furniture (like beds or dining sets) are also big draws. You can even highlight that you have lots of kids clothes and toys (always popular) or sporting equipment. The more specific you can be, the better.


  • Research Pricing: If you have some items that are considered more valuable than others, do some research to make sure you get maximum dollar. While not everything you own is worth big money, it’s good to know if you’re accidentally sitting on a goldmine. Make sure everything is clearly marked with a price or a Best Offer invitation.


  • Set a Date: Most garage sales take place during summer weekends, as this is when people have free time and a willingness to explore outdoor shops. Avoid holiday weekends or very hot weekends, as people tend to be busier then—and make sure you have enough advance warning to advertise properly.


  • Advertise Properly: Newspaper ads, online postings (like Craigslist), neighborhood periodicals, social media, and word of mouth are all great ways to advertise a garage sale. You’ll also need to put up road signs on main roads directing people to your street. Although you don’t have to spring for professional signs, investing in quality signs that won’t blow away can help drive traffic your way.


  • Have Change: Most people will pay in cash, and nothing will make sales evaporate like being unable to break a twenty or a fifty. Have plenty of singles on hand, and if you’ve priced smaller items less than a dollar, get a roll or two of quarters.


  • Prepare for a Long Day: Unless you’re lucky enough to sell everything early, chances are you’ve got eight hours of “keeping shop” ahead of you. Ask friends to help, make shifts for family members, and provide yourself with entertainment. And don’t forget to hydrate.

You should also have a plan for getting rid of any excess after the garage sale is over with. Those items you don’t sell can be put out with a “Free” sign, you can donate them to a local charity such as Habitat for Humanity ReStore which North American is a strategic partner, or you can put them in storage until a later date. Either way, don’t forget to have fun and spend your proceedings wisely.


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