Drivers needed! How the Shortage Impacts the Procurement Executive


Hiring Truck Drivers

The trucking industry is experiencing a severe driver shortage. According to the American Trucking Associations (ATA), the industry will need to hire as many as 96,000 additional drivers annually for the next decade due to increases in freight volume. As a result, in an ATA survey, more than 2,000 leaders of trucking companies indicated that hiring and retaining new drivers is their top strategic initiative.

This shortage of truck drivers affects many industries, including moving and relocation companies. As a result, the driver shortage can greatly impact the procurement executive. But working with the right corporate relocation partner can make everything about the process of moving employees a seamless experience. And that’s always our goal at Cord Moving and Storage an Agent for North American Van Lines – 800-873-2673 headquartered in Saint Louis MO with offices in Dixon MO Memphis TN and Belleville IL.

North American Van Lines provides superior customer service to our corporate procurement partners and consumer customers. Important parts of the magic formula? Having a good fleet, creating a culture that attracts and retains drivers, fostering diversity, and aligning with causes that resonate with our clients. Great corporate culture, a diverse workforce, and happy employees who deliver stellar customer service go hand in hand. That’s what we’ve created at Cord Moving and Storage for over 94 years, and that’s why we’re able to effectively serve our corporate relocation customers and all that move with Cord Moving—even in the middle of a driver shortage. Here’s how we do it.

Why a Diverse Workforce?

A diverse and inclusive workforce is a strong workforce. Women-owned and women-operated, as well as minority-owned and operated, businesses are an important part of our network of agents, and a commitment to inclusion and hiring minorities helps us serve our customers more effectively. Our nation is comprised of a diverse group of people, our customers are diverse, and we are proud of the fact that the workforce of our agent companies is just as committed to diversity.

Diversifying the workforce is a smart approach to the driver shortage issue. Although women make up nearly half the labor force, they are only five to six percent of the driver population and therefore are a largely untapped potential talent pool. Some driver training programs are also seeing an increase in students who have immigrated from around the world, thus broadening diversity and the communities from which companies like ours can recruit. The better we do at creating a diverse and inclusive culture, the better we are able to respond to the driver shortage. Moving companies with the strongest teams are best able to serve their procurement partners.

Empowering the Veteran Community

Our team at Cord Moving – northAmerican is comprised of many proud veterans who have served our country with pride, and we are passionately committed to empowering the veteran community. Our commitment includes career paths and scholarships for former military service members. The ATA has pledged, on behalf of the industry as a whole and its members, to hire 100,000 veterans in recognition of the skills and experience they bring to the industry. Empowering the veteran community is not only the right thing to do for our industry, our company, and our agent partners, it demonstrates how our values are aligned with causes our customers care about.

Focus on Customer Experience

Our job is to serve the procurement executive’s internal customers. When employees and their families are relocating, whether across the U.S. or across the globe, it can be a stressful experience. Equally as stressful is the responsibility of moving employees from one corporate business location to another business location—across town or across the country. Our job is to be with you, and with them, every step of the way, delivering the absolute best in customer service, reducing your stress levels, and doing all we can to ensure that your internal customers are happy. And that they get to their new destinations and settled into their new homes without hassle or frustration.

Your Corporate Relocation Needs? Handled!

As a procurement executive, you are tasked with effectively and efficiently managing your employer’s budget, and with providing satisfactory relocation services to your company’s employees. The current trucking industry driver shortage has created conditions that only make those tasks more difficult. By working with the right corporate relocation partner, you can maximize your budget, minimize risks, and provide superior service to your internal customers. At northAmerican, we are committed to diversifying our workforce, empowering veterans, and delivering the best possible customer experience for both the procurement executives we serve and the employees we move. That makes us the right partner to handle your corporate relocation needs. Want to talk more? Reach out to Cord Moving and Storage at 800-873-2673 and any one of the Cord Associates can assist you at any time.


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