Cord Moving Honors Our Veterans - Importance of Courage


“True courage is being afraid, and going ahead and doing your job anyhow, that’s what courage is.”

General Norman Schwarzkopf

There were many strong and courageous generals in our history but General Schwarzkopf was one that never backed down, never said never and always lived by The Code.

Today is Veterans Day so remember to say thank you to veteran for our freedom so we can do what we do every day of our lives.

It seems so appropriate that today of all days that the Gary Sinise Foundation is holding a  dedication for a new smart home in Chevy Chase, MD for CPT Avlia who was severely wounded fighting for that  freedom that we all enjoy. Pray for him and all of our veterans that have sustained wounds that you can see and trust me on this some that you cannot see.

He survived five tours of duty in the Middle East and a near-fatal bomb attack will receive a custom-built home adapted to his war wounds. Capt. Luis Avila and his wife, Claudia, along with their three sons, will get a new home in Chevy Chase courtesy of the Gary Sinise Foundation.

So this morning I going to talk about what courage is not only for the soldiers protecting our freedom but courage that is needed in your everyday life. Courage is a trait possessed by all great leaders. So much so, that leadership absent courage is nothing short of a farce. Let me be crystal clear – I’m not advocating for bravado, arrogance, or an overabundance of guts, but the courage necessary to stay the course and to do the right things. Standing behind decisions that everyone supports doesn’t particularly require a lot of guts. On the other hand, standing behind what one believes is the right decision in the face of tremendous controversy is the stuff great leaders are made of.

When I was actually attending class and then not sleeping through it, I believe it was Aristotle who referred to courage as the first virtue, because it makes all of the other virtues possible.

It takes courage to break from the norm, challenge the status quo, seek new opportunities, cut your losses, make the tough decision, listen rather than speak, admit your faults, forgive the faults of others, not allow failure to dampen your spirit, stand for those not capable of standing for themselves, and to remain true to your core values. You can do none of these things without courage. Courage is having the strength of conviction to do the right thing when it would just be easier to do things right.

The best thing about courage is that a lack thereof can be overcome. Courage is teachable and therefore it is learnable – proof of this can be found in every instance of overcoming a fear. Courage should not be defined as the absence of fear – that’s ignorance. Courage is finding the strength to move ahead in the presence of fear. In short, courage isn’t a skill, it is a decision. Here’s the thing – we’ll all be remembered for the decisions we make or don’t make, and the courage we display or we fail to exercise. Leaders who consistently demonstrate courage will stand apart from the masses, and earn the trust and loyalty of those whom they lead. As a general rule, most people can be characterized by their courage or their lack thereof:

  • In the corporate world those who demonstrate courage stand apart as innovators and opinion leaders, those who display a lack of courage are viewed as  “yes men” who are the politically correct defenders of status quo.
  • In the military great courage is often referred to as heroism, while a lack of courage will brand you a coward.
  • On the stage of world affairs those who display courage are statesmen, and those who don’t are politicians.
  • In relationships courage will show you to be a trusted friend, whereas the absence of courage will reveal you as a gossip, adversary, or even enemy.Go out and have a Great Selling Day and have the courage to make a difference in at least one person’s life today but make it a vet.
  • Each day brings with it a new set of challenges, and the best any of us can hope for is that we will have the courage and character to stand behind our personal beliefs and convictions regardless of public opinion or outcome. Courage will make you faithful, where a lack thereof will cause you to be fearful. Whether you look back on your personal experience or a greater historical reference, you’ll find it is always better to stand for courage than regret failing to do so. I would love to see or hear your thoughts today.
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