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As you pack your kitchen, you may carefully wrap each plate in tissue paper and cover each glass in bubble wrap. As you continue, you may throw out old, mismatched Tupperware containers or donate some of your worn hand towels. Next, you may pack a few of your small appliances in their original boxes and sort through the remaining items in your pantry.



Yet after you’ve finished packing the smaller items, what should you do about your larger ones? Your relocation coordinator can help you out there or you can go to Cord Moving and Storage‘s web site to get more helpful hints.

Your refrigerator, your stove, and your dishwasher cost you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars when you first purchased them, and you absolutely adore their sleek stainless steel style or their colorful country charm. Naturally, you feel reluctant to part with them.

But before you unplug your refrigerator or slide your dishwasher away from the sink, take a few moments to consider the possibility of leaving them behind.  The following reasons could help you make a smart, economical moving decision.

1. Large Appliances Require Extra Care When Packing

Your stove, dishwasher, and refrigerator may seem strong enough to withstand the typical bumps associated with moving, but they actually rely on complex electronics that can easily suffer damage when you don’t exercise care:

  • To properly move your dishwasher, you’ll need to disconnect all the hoses, drain them, and allow the dishwasher to dry fully; otherwise, you may see mold and mildew buildup when you arrive at your new home.
  • To pack your gas stove, you need to hire a certified technician to disconnect it from the gas line and seal any openings, or you increase the risk of house fire.
  • To ship your refrigerator or freezer, you have to remove any loose parts (such as drawers and shelves) and pack them separately. And like the dishwasher, your refrigerator needs to dry fully or you’ll see mold in the water reservoir.

These extra steps and precautions can be a hassle when you have to move in a hurry.

2. Large Appliances Cost More to Ship

Moving comes with a lot of expenses, from packing supplies to hiring a moving crew. Though you may carefully plan your budget and anticipate every expenditure, your bank account may struggle to accommodate the trip.

Large appliances take up a lot of space in your moving truck, and your refrigerator’s or stove’s weight makes loading and unloading difficult and stressful. Since many moving companies determine your bill based on weight and volume, those large appliances may take up a large portion of your moving budget.

When you compare the cost of unhooking, loading, shipping, and re-installing your appliances to the cost of new units, you may discover that purchasing a new dishwasher may cost you less than holding on to the old one.

3. Your Appliances May Land You a Better Sale

As a general rule, any part of your home that isn’t considered a fixture is usually considered a personal item you can take with you. Since the refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher are easy to remove and they are not permanently mounted to the walls, you have no obligation to leave them behind for the next homeowner.

However, first-time homebuyers tend to look for fully loaded homes, since they often don’t have their own appliances. When potential buyers view your home and see the latest appliances in great condition, they may be more willing to give your property a priority over similar homes for lower prices.

Consequently, you can use your beautiful stainless steel refrigerator or country-style gas stove as a bargaining chip when you create your listing. Your realtor can assess your home’s value based on the condition of your appliances, and with a little negotiation, you can earn a little more on the sale of your home.

Enjoy a Simpler Move Without Your Appliances

Although you may feel some attachment to your larger appliances, you may be better off leaving a few of them behind during your move. Without a heavy stove or dishwasher to load and unload, you can save time on moving, save money on transportation, and enjoy a greater return on your home investment.

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