Cord Moving Lessens Your Stress When We Move Your Office



Work is stressful enough. Add an office move into the mix, and you might feel as if you quit your day job to become a full time juggler. Stop worrying about the challenges that lay ahead and the responsibilities of pulling double duty and let Cord Moving and Storage handle everything for you in Saint Louis MO, Belleville, IL and Memphis, TN

What we move.

  • Office furniture
  • Modular systems furniture
  • Electronics and general office equipment
  • Racks and components
  • Data centers
  • Software labs
  • Art
  • Documents and file boxes
  • Conference rooms
  • Oversized items

Office moving services.

  • Coordination for your entire move with certified teams
  • Packing, loading, and moving by certified crews
  • Moving training, tutorials and tips for employees
  • Labeling, meticulous inventoried list, and room planning
  • Custom packing and crating services
  • Disassembly and installation of modular systems furniture
  • Electronic disconnect and reconnect (EDR) by trained tech teams
  • Compuwrap system: anti-static, two-ply bubble wrap for computers for maximum cushioning
  • Rolling carts to limit handling of high-value electronics
  • Special trucks designed for sensitive items; climate controlled vans
  • Post move services
  • Programs to donate or recycle your unwanted furniture
  • eCycle program: Old electronics removal and recycling where possible; compliant with your policies and those set by the government
  • Storage with 24-hour security and climate controlled areas
  • Secure document, records storage, and media and back-up tape storage; shredding and destruction services at Cord’s Warehouse in compliance with your needs and government regulations

Cord Moving and Storage has been entrusted to store priceless pieces of art, rare ancient Egyptian artifacts, and even pieces of the Berlin Wall. Why? We have the experience and the knowledge to move even the most irreplaceable of objects. It’s no wonder our claims rates are among the lowest in the industry, year after year.

What we move.

  • Fine art collections
  • Rare book collections
  • Exhibits and displays

Museum, library and exhibition moving services.

  • Expert coordination with full-time, experienced move teams
  • certified moving crews
  • Room by room planning for detailed exhibits; organized easy-to-understand labeling system to maximize efficiency
  • Meticulous preparation and protection of critical areas
  • Special packing and customized crating services
  • Specially designed carts to limit handling of high-value items
  • Special trucks designed for sensitive items; climate controlled vans
  • GPS enabled fleet for easy tracking, wherever you are, whenever you want
  • Unpacking and uncrating
  • Modular systems, shelving and display cases disassemble, reassemble, and installation
  • 250,000 square feet of secure warehouse storage space with 24-hour security and a climate controlled area.
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