Cord Moving and The Gary Sinise Foundation Working Together


Cord Moving and Storage an Agent for North America Van Lines knows a home is more than a house.

It’s where loved ones gather. It’s where we take comfort from the world. It’s the center around which our lives revolve. For our nation’s severely wounded heroes, however, life at home can be a constant battle. Without features designed for their needs, small tasks can present insurmountable challenges and that is where Cord Moving has stepped in with all the other Corporate Sponsors over the years to assist. North America Van Lines is the only moving company in the world that Andy Kroll, Vice President and General Manager that has said, “we are here because you went over there and we will never forget your sacrifice for you are now family.”

Through R.I.S.E. we’re building specially adapted smart homes all across the country with special furniture. With a place to truly call home, these heroes and their families can move forward with their lives.

By the end of this year
specially adapted smart homes will be completed or underway check out the link below and get to know all these heroes that have given so much as they answered the call without regrets they just keep charging up that hill every day.

Click Here to Meet Our Heroes!


R.I.S.E. Adapted Vehicles, Home Modifications, Mobility Devices

With more than 50,000 cases of polytrauma among those returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, it’s our responsibility to ensure these heroes have the means to carry on with everyday life. Regaining their mobility at home and within their communities is essential to their long-term success.

Most military families lack the financial means to retrofit a home or vehicle. Sometimes even a suitable wheelchair is out of reach. R.I.S.E. is helping provide these heroes with remarkable new technologies that will improve their quality of life and increase their independence.

We’ve provided our wounded heroes, their caregivers & families with…

9 home modifications
3 adapted vehicles for families of wounded heroes
7 mobility devices

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