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It doesn’t matter how many moving checklists you write up or how thoroughly you plan Key in a door your moving to-do list…by the time the last box has been unloaded and your moving van drives away, you’re probably going to find you forgot something. This might be something as big as forgetting your new house keys (oops!) or as little as forgetting to turn off the lights at your old home. Cord Moving and Storage can help with a online software program that assists with forwarding the mail taking care of the utilities to name just a few items that need to be completed when moving.

Either way, do your best to avoid these common moving mishaps by including these items on your Don’t Forget list.


>  Utilities On/Off: Few things are worse than arriving in a new home only to find that the gas hasn’t been turned on or there is no garbage pickup scheduled. Always be sure and notify utility and service providers that you will be discontinuing services in one location and beginning new services in another. Then double-check your dates so that everything is turned on before you arrive. (The same is true for things like cable and internet service.)


>  Change the Locks: Even if you do remember your new house key (good work!), you probably shouldn’t plan on holding onto it for very long. The smart first step after any move is to have your home re-keyed and new locks/security codes installed. This way, anyone with access to the old locks won’t be able to get in unexpectedly.


>  Electricity and Water Panels: It’s a good idea to find the breaker box and the water heater in your new home, and to make sure you know where any emergency valves or shut-offs are located. You want to be able to get to these quickly and easily in the event that something goes wrong.


>  Smoke Detectors: Before you start unpacking your boxes, make sure all smoke detectors (and carbon monoxide alarms) are in place and that their batteries are in full working order. Your first order of business should always be to ensure your family’s safety, especially during the disarray of moving in.


>  Outdoor Lights: Chances are you haven’t spent much time at your new home after dark yet. The first night you move in, do a survey of the home’s exterior to inspect for safety. Change any outdoor bulbs that have gone out, and make sure everything is well-lit and secure.


>  Update Auto/Life Insurance Information: Your new house probably requires a brand new home insurance policy, which is something that will be taken care of during the financing portion of your purchase. However, you should also update your other insurance policies at this time. Moving to a new location could bring with it a reduction in rates. (And if you’re a renter, don’t forget to look into rental insurance options.) You’ll also need to update your vehicle registration and maybe even your driver’s license.


Don’t forget that it’s also important to set aside some time to enjoy yourself. Buyer’s remorse, or that feeling you made a big mistake in moving to a new home, often occurs because you’re so focused on what’s missing from your old life that you forget to celebrate what’s positive about the new. Take the time to enjoy your new home, new neighborhood, and/or a new city, and remember what it was that made you so excited about the move in the first place!

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