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Cord Moving and Storage celebrates 55 years as part of the BBB and our A+ rating is what gives our clients the confidence and trust that their belongings are in good hands!

We all know that rogue movers can make our jobs as moving professionals difficult—if not sometimes a nightmare. They offer too-good-to-be-true pricing, over-promise service and then rip off consumers. The result is that we lose business because many consumers make bad decisions simply because they don’t know how to make a better one. And if we try to discredit the rogue companies, we are potentially seen as badmouthing the competition just because we can’t compete match their unrealistically low prices. At last, there is a respected third party from outside our industry weighing in on the side of full-service moving companies to expose the scammers that tarnish our industry.

Enter the Better Business Bureau!

Just released—a brand new detailed exposé called “Know Your Mover” with a great subtitle: BBB study reveals scammers price gouge, take belongings hostage and take goods.
This brand-new report is available as a PDF. It is available on the PRO website and you can download it NOW here!

What’s in the report?

• References to new tactics by moving scammers because of COVID-19.
• Data about the increase in consumer complaints about rogue movers.
• Horror stories about families who were scammed by rogue movers.
• Information about the best practices our agencies have been practicing for years.
• How to recognize moving scams.
• What to do if you are scammed

View the full BBB Report on Moving Scams, Price Gouging, & Reckless Behavior 

How Can You Spot the Warning Signs?

• When you set or confirm an appointment, mention it to the consumer and ask if you can send it ahead of time to help them make an informed buying decision.
• Make sure to offer to send the report to every consumer who does not commit to a moving date when you review your proposal.
• Think creatively—if you were a consumer, how would you want to see this information?

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For more information about this exposé, please contact Cord Moving and Storage. We as an approved moving agent with North American Van Lines, have an extensive legal and support team to arm you with the knowledge to make the right choice when hiring a mover.

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