The Quote of the Day from Cord Moving and Storage


“Retool yourself for the future or be past by those that do.” ~ Krish Dhanam

There are only 6 more Selling Days in July and 50 remaining in the Quarter!!!

Tom Peters suggests that only those who constantly retool themselves have any hope for survival. Change as a constant is a global force, and understanding that it affects every aspect of life is imperative to survival. So beef up your cross-cultural awareness and global identity. Take your thinking beyond the geographical comfort zone that has historically been your playing field and invest time, talent and resources in becoming worldly.

I know several people that I work with daily that have been open to this concept – not right away but eventually they came around and they surpassed everyone’s expectations-especially mine. I am in total awe of the accomplishments of this one person that continues to keep on ticking and continues to maintain such a positive attitude while having fun on a daily basis. If we could all follow this man’s lead – his example it will allow you and me to navigate with greater fluidity on world-class teams that are increasingly diverse.

Go out and have a Great Selling Day and make a difference in at least one person’s life today.

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