Taking Advice or Not - Selling Tips For The Moving Industry


“Don’t take advice from just anyone.” ~ Tom Hopkins

There are only 8 more Selling Days in July and 52 remaining in the Quarter!!!

Another thing I’d love you to work on to keep your attitude is to “want,” but not to “need” everyone’s approval. See, you’ll never get everyone’s approval; I don’t care what you do. There’s always someone who will say, “I don’t agree with that,” or “I don’t believe in that,” or “You can’t do that.” The last one is the one that gets me riled – for can’t means won’t!  That’s why I suggest — don’t take advice from anyone more messed up than you are. Because if you do, they are determining your attitude that day. They are holding you back and you should never – I mean never put a governor on your God given abilities that we all have by always maintaining Confidence, Courage and Conviction.

Go out and have a Great Selling Day and make a difference in at least on person’s life today.

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