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As the majority of this year’s families planning to relocate are gearing up to move in the next couple of months, here at Cord Moving and Storage agents for North American Van Lines in Saint Louis MO Belleville IL Memphis TN, and Dixon MO, we are trying to help check off that long “to-do list”. One item that may or may not be on your immediate checklist is in-car entertainment for your drive.

Many of us focus all of our time and energy on hiring a trustworthy moving company such as Cord Moving and Storage while making sure all the correct items are packed and loaded and then sending the driver on their way. This can consume so much time, we don’t have time to think about or prepare for what happens next… we load up the family in the car and drive to our new home.

Since we can’t help you pack the necessities (your family, snacks, drinks, and phone charger) we figured we could help by putting together a list of FREE audio books and podcasts for the whole family. We have six categories, composed of books, podcasts, and short stories: Children’s Education, Children’s Stories, Parenting/Marriage, Adult Only, Adult Education, and Sports. Whether you’re in the mood to learn something new, distract the “Are we there yet?” in the back seat, or just looking for a good laugh, our list has a little something for everyone.

Educational Podcasts for Children

Podcasts with Children’s Stories

Comedy Podcasts for Adults

Educational Podcasts for Adults

Sports Podcasts

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