3 Sites to Help you Find Part-Time Jobs for Teenagers After Relocating


Relocating can be an opportune moment for teenagers to grow into responsible adults. If you want your teen children working after one of the reliable Cord Moving and Storage http://www.cordmoving.com has transported your household belongings, there are three websites that can help them find a part-time job.


By referring to FindTheRightJob.com, you can begin an advanced job search by choosing the desired category, job title, and zip code. From there you can type in other basic information, such as your child’s name, phone number, email address and high school graduation year, which will automatically save during your search. This can be helpful if you decide to file an online job application. You will first receive a detailed list of local jobs, but you have the option of selecting from other categories, such as work from home, franchise opportunities, and career advancement.


CareerBuilder.com is a valuable resource that allows you to type in your information and preferences in order to gradually build a portfolio, making it possible for employers to reach out to your children if their credentials match. You can choose from categorized sections like “My CareerBuilder”, find jobs, job recommendations, post resumes, and external links. By joining the CareerBuilder network, you’ll have access to a number of extra features, such as mobile phone applications, resume assistance and job alerts via email or phone number.


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