Power of Blue Individual of the Year : Michelle Bangert


Michelle Bangert

power of blue

“What do you need, how may I help?”

Power of Blue recognizes individuals and or agents within the northAmerican agency system who repeatedly go well above and beyond to support and help their fellow agents and their customers. NAVL agents strongly engage in this program recognizing the individuals or teams that have helped them throughout the given year. Throughout the year, various individuals from agents across the country nominate individuals or agents and the recipient receives a letter with the details of why they are receiving the recognition, including who nominated them, as well as a box of trinkets they can share with their coworkers.

Power of Blue Individual of the Year

Cord Moving and Storage Company in its 103rd year and 78th as a northAmerican agent has embraced The Power of Blue and has received numerous nominations for the actions of various staff members over the years. The cord has also nominated other agents in the northAmerican network when the occasion is deserving. There was one individual that got the attention of the entire selection committee, Michelle Bangert, Long Distance Planner with Cord Moving and Storage is the 2021 northAmerican Van Lines Power of Blue, individual of the year. Michelle continually excels in her position with a positive attitude, creative thinking and with the spirit of a servant’s heart.

Congratulations, Michelle I can’t think of anyone more deserving than you!

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