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Many of our customers ask the Cord Moving and Storage Team what the best way to pack a television is when they are doing most of the packing to save money. The absolute best way is in the original box with all the original packing materials. However, most people don’t keep the box, and this guide will help you pack your flat-screen TV for your move.

One thing to keep in mind is flat screen TVs are designed to always sit upright.

1. Cover the screen – Use a towel, bedsheet, t-shirt, or something similar. You want to make sure it’s clean to begin with (any dirt or debris could scratch your screen) and if it gets dusty during the move, you’ll be able to throw it in with the laundry after moving.

2. Wrap with heavier protection – Once the screen is protected by the sheet, you need to wrap with something more protective. Usually, the very best way to do this would be to wrap a layer of heavy-duty bubble wrap around the television, and then to cover it all with heavy-duty moving pads. Tape the pads thoroughly, both vertically and horizontally, to ensure that nothing shifts around.

3. Build a box – Your movers should be able to help you custom-build a box for your wrapped television. Using a wardrobe, dish barrel, or other heavy-duty cardboard, create a box that covers the entire television. This added layer of protection is a good idea for certain moves (e.g., long distance moves, any move where it might be stacked with loose ends like chairs, bicycles, patio equipment, etc). Any time that the television can’t be securely packed in against something that will protect it, like a sofa or mattress, is a good time to build a box.

4. Consider additional valuation – The standard moving insurance that is included with most professional moves only covers your items up to 60¢ per pound. That means that you’re $2000 3-D Plasma television that weighs less than 80lbs would be covered for less than $50. You’ve done your best to protect the television, and it is highly unlikely that the television will incur any damages. However, if it does, you’ll be glad that you had the TV covered for what it was worth, and not for what it weighs. Be sure that to discuss the coverage when you are doing the packing with your sales consultant – this is an important pierce of your moving experience.


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