Mistakes People Make When Moving - Cord Moving Can Help Avoid Them


With so many things happening at once and big changes right around the corner it is easy to forget when moving interstate, to organize something or make a mistake. Relocating doesn’t have to be difficult if you take the time to plan ahead and avoid the common mistakes people make during a move. Make sure your mover such as Cord Moving and Storage with offices in Missouri, Illinois and Tennessee that they care and their focus from the very beginning is to have you “relax we will take from here” attitude.

One of the most common mistakes that people make when moving interstate is that they don’t give themselves enough time to plan for the move. It seems simple at first, book interstate movers, pack up the house and off you go.

Though it’s not nearly that simple and relocation across state lines is a much more involved process. Taking the time to systematically plan every step of your move will ensure that nothing gets forgotten along the way.

Often people who are moving interstate forget to purge all of their unwanted belongings before relocating. Taking unwanted stuff with you will not only cost you extra money moving them but also extra time packing and unpacking belongings that you no longer want or use.

Take the time before packing to trash, recycle and sell any of your belongings that you don’t have any use for. You never know you might make some extra cash that is sure to come in handy during the moving process.

When you are researching interstate movers don’t make the mistake of jumping at the lowest quote just because it saves you money. Like many purchases you will make in life price and quality are often related. Stay away from movers that will not come to your home to do a visual survey and meet you in person after all they are not just moving your stuff they are moving your life.

Make sure you find the mover that is right for your interstate relocation. Always read the fine print on any contract or quote before signing. The fine print should indicate whether or not the movers are responsible for any breakages that may occur. Take the time to research how they calculate cost, what they charge for and how they will charge you.

Some people tend not to check if their existing insurance will cover them when moving interstate. Having the right coverage is essential for any interstate relocation. With greater distances to cover and larger loads moved than a same city or state move, there’s a greater chance of accidents occurring and items breaking. Protect yourself and your family by ensuring you have the right valuation coverage and your Cord Team will assist you in making that decision and the right choice.

So it pays to be covered and not have to worry later if your favorite piece of furniture gets broken just before it took pride of place in your new home.

Don’t make the mistakes that others have made when moving interstate. Always take the time to prepare, pack carefully and protect yourself and your belongings with the right coverage. Mistakes do happen but you don’t have to be the one making them.

Make sure there is an open line of communication with your mover, they return phones calls, they call you instead of you always having to call them, make sure that you have an experienced customer service coordinator with years of experience that can assist and guide you through the move to your new home. Ask questions and make sure you always follow it up if need further clarification.


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